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1. Translate the text aurally on the spot.

2. Find the Russian equivalents of the following.

1) to kiss a lot of frogs, 2) there is actually some truth in the fairy tale, 3) to find 'Mr. Right', 4) women prefer chivalrous men with manners, 5) to split the bill, 6) to meet with 'Mr. Wrong'. 3. Answer the questions about the text in writing.

1) What is the meaning of the phrase: «You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince»?

2) How many men did the average British woman date before marriage?

3) Did the 2,173 women statistics include 5 million ethnic minority women?

4) What was the new trend for the UK women`s dating behavior?

5) What was the meaning of the words 'Mr. Right'?

6) What was the meaning of the words «to go Dutch on a date»?

7) Why did a British woman usually split her bill with a man during a go Dutch date?

8) What item was the British women`s biggest spending for a date?

3. Translate the text aurally.

4. Translate aurally into English. 1) Статистика компании UKDating.com рисовала ложную картину, не учитывая 33% семей, живших в 2015 г. ниже уровня бедности, блокируя сведения об образе жизни 14 млн. бедняков Британии в 2017 году. 2) В соответствии с исследованием 2015 года, «Бедность и социальное отчуждение» (Poverty and Social Exclusion, PSE) в 2015 г. 6 млн. (58%) работающих молодых людей Британии получали низкие зарплаты, а 33% граждан не имели денег, чтобы отапливать квартиру до приемлемой температуры. 3) В 2012 году 570 тыс. жителей Лондона жили ниже черты бедности, и среди них были жители нигерийского гетто в центре Лондона на правом берегу Темзы в районе Пэкхэм. 4) Молодежь района компактного проживания 75 тысяч иммигрантов из Бангладеш, живших в центре Лондона в районе Тауэр Хэмлитс, женилась по указанию родителей без свиданий и периода предварительного ухаживания.

The True Cost of Love in the UK


On June 13, 2017 I will see my wife. We were married on November 16, 2016 and since then we have spent just three weeks in the same hemisphere. Welcome to the heartbreaking true tale of modern Britain, and its visa and immigration system. My wife and I never intended to marry, we were way too hip for that, we saw it as outdated, old fashioned and expensive. Why have a party we don’t want with money we don’t have for people we don’t like? That’s what Christmas is for. Let`s put that money towards something we actually want, like holidays, or cheese. But, she is an immigrant from Australia. Her working visa was coming to an end - and the options for us were two. Get married, or break up. Faced with this choice what could a young couple, in love, do? So, you see, we didn’t get married for the usual reasons people do... We got married because we are in love. Even if we weren’t in love I think we would have married anyway. Crushing loneliness is a great motivator and the alternative was too dark. Not marrying would mean banishing this person back to a country she sought refuge from. She would have to rebuild a life for herself in the searing heat under the watchful eye of the government. Don’t get me wrong, Australia is beautiful. And I ask myself regularly why we didn’t relocate there. But we had built our lives, careers, relationships here and it is here we should like to stay. Plus, if I wanted to spend time surrounded by tanned, athletic gorgeous humans with hilarious accents I’d go to any gym in South End. So, once married we can continue our lives together, right? Wrong. This is when we discovered the true cost of love in Britain today. £18,600, specifically. If your spouse is from outside the E.U., that’s the minimum you must earn for her to be granted a visa. If that seems like an arbitrary figure, it`s because it is. It excludes approximately 40% of the population. If you work a minimum wage job, full time, you don’t earn that much. If you’re training to be a nurse, you don’t earn that much. You’re even less likely to earn that much as a woman, and even less as a person of color. With this stipulation the message from the British government is clear: If you are young, working class, and plan on falling on love - go British. Who would introduce such a shortsighted policy? It was introduced in 2012, by a plucky young politician by the name of Theresa May. I don’t know what happened to her, but I imagine she’s feeling rather embarrassed about being responsible for an enormous mess that disproportionately effects working class people. Why this number of £18,600? Is it to guarantee that spouses don’t arrive in the country and immediately claim benefits on the tax payers dime? I find the insinuation offensive, and if it were the true reason than a simple scan of my partners work history would prove she is clearly capable and willing to make a living for herself. But, aside from evidence that you are a real couple, no information about your spouse is requested at all in the application. None of their earnings are taken into account. For all the government cares she could be a potato with a smiley face drawn on. She has had her entire existence minimized and represented by the amount of money that I happened to make in a tax year. And for eight months, they branded her unworthy. Can you imagine that? Getting married to the person you love, and then not seeing her for eight months? Birthdays, good news, hospital trips, all on the other side of the world. This means that in the first eight months of marriage I was only able to see my wife a handful of times. (Although having spoken to other married couples, apparently this is very normal). Brexiters take note, my wife left the single market and her position in Europe was not sustainable. I’m fortunate in that I’m self-employed. I have a good relationship with many employers, and should I need to I can call in favors, work twice as much, and over time, boost my earnings to a satisfactory level. So that’s what I did. A fortnight ago, my wife’s visa was approved. I can`t wait to see her, and continue building the life we both want, in a country that barely wants us.
1. Translate the text aurally on the spot.

2. Find the Russian equivalents of the following.

1) the heartbreaking true tale of modern Britain, 2) We were way too hip for that. 3) the tanned, athletic gorgeous humans with hilarious accents, 4) a person of color, 5) to claim benefits on the tax payers dime, 6) a country that barely wants us. 3. Answer the questions about the text in writing.

1) What policy did Theresa May introduce in 2012, that disproportionately effects working class people?

2) Why was it impossible for a young foreign spouse to get the UK visa in 2016-2017?

3) Why did the UK government brand an Australian spouse unworthy to get a visa?

4) Why was marriage considered to be outdated, old fashioned and expensive in Britain?

4. Translate aurally into English. 1) Согласно докладу аудиторской компании KPMG (октябрь 2012), низкие зарплаты в Британии получали продавцы, медсестры, официанты, бармены, сотрудники охранных служб, уборщики, работники социальных служб, ухаживающие за инвалидами и тяжелобольными.2) После вступления в должность премьер-министра Терезы Мэй исследование 2016 года Фонда Джозефа Раундтри (Joseph Rowntree Foundation) показало, что 7,4 млн. занятых граждан Британии жили в бедности, а 14 млн. британцев из 65 млн. жителей в 2017 году были бедными. 3) Почти пять миллионов занятых британцев не имели 8,3 фунтов почасового заработка, который был рассчитан, как уровень "базовых стандартов жизни" для лондонцев или 7,3 фунтов «базовых стандартов жизни» за пределами Лондона. 4) Минимальная зарплата в Британии была рассчитана на жизнь ниже прожиточного уровня и составляла 6,19 фунтов в час, с которых надо платить налоги, делать отчисления в пенсионные фонды, платить 600 или 1000 фунтов в месяц за комнату или квартиру. 5) Институт финансовых исследований сделал прогноз, что в Британии работники будут ощущать дефицит денег до 2026 года, и в реальном выражении заработок 2021 года будет меньше заработка 2008 года.

5. Present aurally the general idea of the text in 4-6 sentences. 6. Write the text`s summary and its 5 key words in English.
The Real Cost of True Love in the U.S.

In 2014, the total cost of true love in 12 days of Christmas was $107,300 for the super-rich. The survey, conducted by event planners Paint Niter who spoke to 1,000 married people across the U.S., found the most common dating activity was going for dinner, followed by going to the movies, lunch, a walk, making a meal, spending time at home. A new survey calculates the cost of finding love by calculating how much Americans spend on dates before getting married. It found it took an average of five-and-a-half years of dating to find a partner - during which people will spend $20,276 on dating. The average spend per person per date was $43.50 with most popular activity going out for dinner, followed by going to the movies. But when separated by gender, the survey found that men spend significantly more on dating. Of the men questioned, the average figure for the most they had spent on a date was $224, while the same figure for women was less than half at $93. Going for dinner also topped the list for the ideal date, followed by going to the movies, walking, traveling and sightseeing. Three-quarters of those questioned said they preferred stationary dates such as dinner or a film rather than active or outdoor dates. Only 10 per cent said they like to play sports with their partner or new date. In terms of finding a date, one quarter met in a bar or nightclub, one in five through online dating and 35 per cent were set up by friends or colleagues. More than half, 65 per cent, said the best way to greet a date is to say hi or hello. Two in five said a hug was best while 30 per cent preferred a handshake. On the loaded subject of paying for a first date, more than half said men should pay the check, while one per cent said women. Just over 20 per cent said it should be the person who suggested the date. More than 40 per cent said they decide who is paying for the date before the date, while just under a quarter said they work it out when the check comes. One in five men admitted they have performed the cliched 'pretending to stretch' trick to make their first move on a date, while just over 20 per cent of men and women said they touch an arm or a knee to initiate closer contact. 'Making a great impression on a first date, whether that means covering the bill, a warm greeting or simply picking an interesting activity, can make all the difference in the early days of a relationship,' explains Courtney Osgood of Paint Nite. 'Mixing it up, and trying something new can also keep the spark alive between a seasoned couple.' 
1. Translate the text aurally on the spot.

2. Find the Russian equivalents of the following.

1) stationary dates such as dinner or a film, 2) the loaded subject of paying for a first date, 3) making a great impression on a first date, 4) the early days of a relationship, 5) to keep the spark alive between a seasoned couple.

3. Answer the questions about the text in writing.

1) How much an average American spend on dates before getting married?

2) What was the average spend per person per date?

3) What topped the list for the ideal date?

4) How much money did an average American man spend on dating?

5) What was the best American way of greeting a date?

6) Who was traditionally paying the check in the US for a first date?

7) What was an average figure for the most the American man spent on a date?

8) Why did an average American woman spend less than a man on a date?

4. Translate aurally into English. 1) Бюро переписи населения США сообщало, что в 2017 году 48,8% американцев возраста 25 лет не имели денег на самостоятельный наем жилья и жили с родителями. 2) В 2017 г. за чертой бедности жили около 47 млн. американцев, а каждый пятый ребенок в Америке жил на продовольственные талоны для бедных. 3) Больше половины учеников государственных школ США не имели денег на обед в школьной столовой. 4) Около 51% американских работников зарабатывали 1200 - 2500 долларов в месяц, тогда как стоимость найма комнаты с отдельным входом составляла 600 долларов, минимальные транспортные расходы – 800 долларов в месяц из-за отсутствия общественного транспорта вне крупных городов. 5) По данным Кэтрин Эдин и Люка Шефера, издавших книгу о бедности, в США было около 1,5 млн семей, которые в день зарабатывали менее двух долларов.  

5. Write the essay of 130-150 words on the issue of statistics` lie. In 2008-2016, each of the 43 million living on food stamps couldn`t spent on dating an average $20,276.

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