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and ending with the words «he was cautiously pleased».

5. Translate into English aurally. 1) Ни в одной армии сильнейших стран мира не было практики массовых занятий йогой. 2) Асаны в положении сидя перекрывают поступление потока крови в ноги, что вредно для здоровья. 3) Люди со слабой волей при занятиях йогой в группе попадают в духовную зависимость от учителя.

6. Find the article`s information having an objective to advertise yin and yang yoga.

7. Write a paper in 130-150 words comparing the Indian Yoga and the Chinese Wu-shu objectives.

The Oxfordian theory 

en.wikipedia.org/ Oxfordian theory of Shakespeare authorship; Edward de Vere the 17th Earl of Oxford

The Oxfordian theory of Shakespeare authorship  contends that  Edward De Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, Lord Chamberlain, member of the House of Lords wrote the plays and poems traditionally attributed to William Shakespeare. In 1857, the first book was published on this topic by Delia Bacon, and this theory was proved by J. Thomas Looney in his 1920 book «Shakespeare Identified».  Several characters, including Hamlet and Bertram in All's Well that Ends Well, are considered by Thomas Looney to be Edward De Vere self-portraits. Edward De Vere couldn`t publish the plays under his own name because he was an aristocrat of the highest rank and queen Elizabeth favorite. During his life the British aristocrats considered not noble to compose plays because actors were British society`s lowest cast. The 17th Earl of Oxford was an anonymous writer. Contemporary critics praised De Vere as a poet and a playwright. William Webbe names De Vere as "the most excellent" of Elizabeth's courtier poets.  Puttenham's The Arte of English Poesie (1589), places De Vere first on a list of courtier poets.  Francis Meres' Palladis Tamia (1598) names De Vere first of 17 playwrights listed by rank who are "the best for comedy amongst us", and De Vere appears first on a list of seven Elizabethan courtly poets "who honoured Poesie with their pens and practice" in Henry Peacham's 1622 The Compleat Gentleman. Looney pointed out to the absence of records concerning Shakespeare's education, his illiteracy (poor handwriting skills are evidenced in his two signatures), his not having experience of the court life and foreign countries – the settings of Shakespeare plays. Some scholars consider Shakespeare to die young at the age of 21 years and 22 days. This conclusion was based on calculations and the fact that Shakespeare`s wife gave birth only twice, but during Shakespeare lifetime, wealthy families usually had 9-10 children. The dedication to “ever living poet» implies that the author was dead prior to «Shake-spear Sonnets» first publication in 1609. Edward De Vere paid adult and boy acting companies to weekly entertain the queen with a new play or a circus performance. These actors were called «Lord Chamberlain`s men». Some scholars consider, that in 1604, when the 17th Earl of Oxford died, Shakespeare was only nine years old and he was in the company of boy-actors. Edward de Vere didn`t compose 37 plays alone. He composed the plays in collaboration with other anonymous authors helping him. After Edward de Vere's death in 1604, the composition, style and language of approximately twelve of the Shakespeare «late plays» changed completely because they were written by other playwrights. Annual publication of "new" or "corrected" Shakespeare plays stopped in 1604. There are parallels of language, idiom, and thought between Shakespeare's works and Oxford's own poetry and letters. Marked passages in Oxford's Bible have also been linked to Biblical allusions in Shakespeare plays. British scholars interpret the plays and poems as autobiographical. They also find correspondences between incidents and circumstances in Edward De Vere's life and events in Shakespeare plays, sonnets, and longer poems. The 17th Earl of Oxford received Oxford university`s Master degree. He knew Latin, Italian and French languages, was interested in Roman history, Roman literature, ancient philosophy and Magic. Edvard De Vere read Plato, Cicero, Caesar in the original, was fond of Roman and Italian culture. He visited the French court and knew court life secrets. He also visited Venice, Verona, Genova and Sicily cities – the settings of his plays. Some scholars claim that the first 124 Shakespeare sonnets express the author`s gay feelings, because the 17th Earl of Oxford was bisexual. The information was found about Edvard De Vere`s gay relations with his young servants. He also had relations with women. He had five children with his first wife, one child with his second wife and an illegitimate son with the queen`s maid of honor Anne Vavasour. He couldn’t pay for Anne Vavasour impregnation because of his poor financial condition. It caused an armed conflict in London between Oxford`s men and Anne Vavasour uncle`s men and the queen ordered to imprison Edward De Vere in Tower. Queen Elisabeth granted Edvard De Vere £1000 pension to pay for Anne Vavasour impregnation. De Vere was not super rich. His net worth was equal to $199,600,000 (in 2017 dollars). Some scholars consider that Edvard De Vere was Christened on the 1550-th month, when he was 21 years old. On June 24, 1604 he died young at the age of 30 years 8 month and 19 days.
1. Translate the text aurally on the spot.

2. Find the Russian equivalents of the following.

1) «ever living poet», 2) courtier poet, 3) an anonymous author.

3. Answer the questions about the text in writing.

1) Are there any records left concerning Shakespeare's education?

2) Did Shakespeare have experience of the court life?

3) Did Shakespeare visit foreign countries?

4) How many times did Shakespeare wife give birth?

5) Who published the book «Shakespeare Identified»?

6) Why did Edward De Vere publish his plays anonymously?

7) Did Edvard De Vere compose plays alone?

8) What did Thomas Looney consider to be Edward De Vere self-portraits?

7) Did Edward De Vere visit Sicily cities?

8) When was Italy established?

9) Why did queen Elisabeth send De Vere to Tower?

10) How did Edward De Vere splash money during his lifetime?

11) Does Oxford`s signature show his knowledge of Magic?

4. Translate into English aurally. 1) Словарный запас текстов, приписываемых Шекспиру, составляет около 20000 слов. 2) Словарный запас обычного англичанина в начале ХХ1 века составлял примерно 4000 слов. 3) Современник Шекспира - писатель Фрэнсис Бэкон имел словарный запас менее 10000 слов. 4) Хотя нет данных об обучении Шекспира в школе, этот неграмотный человек якобы смог придумать 3200 новых слов английского языка. 5) Согласно цитатам текстов, приписываемых якобы «Шекспиру», исследователи установили, что он читал книги французов Монтеня, Ронсара, итальянцев Ариосто, Боккаччо, а также книги на латинском языке Плавта, Овидия, Сенеки, Плутарха и книгу Гомера на греческом языке.

5. Present aurally the general idea of the text in 4-6 sentences. 6. Write the text`s summary and its 5 key words in English.

7. Write a paper in 130-150 words on the British elite`s interest in spreading the legend about Shakespeare.

Princess Diana: The Case for Assassination Revisited

theburningbloggerofbedlam.wordpress.com/Princess Diana: The case of assassination re visited (accessed 5.10.2017)
What seems inescapable, from the evidence, seems to be that on August 31, 1997 Diana and Dodi were killed in a special operation, probably involving elements of MI6, with possible SAS or special forces elements. In May 1999, a former MI6 officer Richard Tomlinson claimed in a sworn statement to the French inquiry that MI6 had been involved in the crash of Diana`s car in Paris. He had previously been reported by the BBC to have claimed that the Mercedes’s driver Henri Paul was working for MI6 and that one of Diana’s bodyguards was also contact for MI6. Tomlinson also claimed that MI6 had been closely monitoring Diana before her death. Tomlinson has alleged that there exists a secret paramilitary unit called ‘The Increment’ (or some successor to it ‘E Squadron’), which carries out covert/black operations on behalf of Her Majesty’s Government. According to him, its recruits are plucked from the SAS and SBS and carry out special assignments with the intelligence services. The Court Martial of SAS Sniper Danny Nightingale led to a letter being exposed – written by a witness, ‘Soldier N’ – suggesting that the SAS was behind the death of Princess Diana. A high-ranking MI6 officer was in Paris incognito during an accident with Diana`s car. After his return to Britain he became the head of MI6, probably as a gift for a successful special operation. The bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones was the only person in the vehicle to survive the crash, but the story has always been that he remembers nothing about the crash. Rees-Jones is reported to done very well for himself in the years since, with various jobs, including working in Houston, TX as a security director for the war-profiteering Halliburton oil corporation, which had strong connection to Pentagon and the US government. That job was given to him as a gift for his silence. In addition to the various ‘motives’ that have been suggested over the years (the rumors that Diana was pregnant with what would’ve been an Arab/Muslim child, an impending marriage to an Arab – Dodi al-Fayed, or just the general nuisance or embarrassment that Diana had become to the royals after her divorce from Charles), another significant dimension to the story has been observed over the years too – specifically, the suggestion that it may have also been played out as a ritual/sacrifice operation with occult-based interests in mind. The date of Diana`s death 31 (3+1 = 4) was carefully chosen in advance. Four is the number of the Egyptian goddess of Death. The ‘Mishcon Note’, as it is now called, has an information, in which Diana predicted her own death via a staged car accident. Made by her lawyer, Lord Mishcon, the day after speaking to her in 1995, it was handed to police after Diana’s prediction came true in Paris. But the British police had been keeping the note secret for six years. In 2003, only after Burrell revealed his letter from Diana that the Mischon Note was then also released. Although the ill-fated pair (Diana and Dodi) had used a particular Mercedes throughout the day of their deaths, when Diana and Dodi departed the Ritz Hotel (just after midnight on the morning of August 31st 1997), a different specially prepared by MI6 agents Mercedes had been sent to collect them. The vehicle had been changed at the last moment; there was also no backup car present this time, despite this being standard practice (and this having been standard practice for Diana and Dodi until that point). The absence of CCTV images showing the Mercedes’s journey from the hotel to the crash site has been frequently cited as evidence of an organized conspiracy. According to The Independent newspaper in 2006, there were more than 14 CCTV cameras in the Pont de l’Alma underpass, though none recorded footage of the collision. There were also always the question marks around why it took so long for an ambulance to arrive, particularly in a busy metropolitan city like Paris; with suggestions that Diana – who was alive for some time after the crash – was deliberately kept from hospital for as long as possible. She also, it emerged, wasn’t taken to any of the nearest hospitals. Some reports say it took as long as 40 minutes to cover the 3.7 miles to the La Pitie-Salpetriere hospital but other hospitals were closer to the scene. By the time, Diana was delivered to hospital, it was an hour and 45 minutes after the collision. Diana`s body was immediately embalmed not to allow the autopsy to prove that she was pregnant.

1. Find the Russian equivalents of the following.

1) a sworn statement, 2) closely monitor, 3) covert operation, 4) a staged car accident, 5) a standard practice, 6) a prediction came true? 7) an evidence of an organized conspiracy.

2. Answer the questions about the text in written form.

1) Why was Diana not carried to a nearest hospital?

2) Why did 14 CCTV cameras in the Pont de l’Alma underpass record no footage of the Mercedes collision?

3) Why did Rees-Jones remember nothing about the collision?

4) Is it possible for a bodyguard to become Halliburton oil corporation`s security director?

5) When did Diana predict her own death?

6) Why did the British police keep the ‘Mishcon Note’ secret?

7) Why did an ambulance arrive only 40 minutes after the crash?

3. Translate the text aurally.

4. Translate the text in writing beginning with the words «In addition to the various ‘motives’» and ending with the words «she was pregnant ».

5. Translate into English aurally. 1) Р. Томплисон утверждал, что британская спецслужба применила лазерное оружие ночью в туннеле, чтобы ослепить водителя Мерседеса. 2) В туннеле рядом с Мерседесом находился Фиат Уно белого цвета, от которого остались осколки заднего фонаря и частицы краски, позволившие определить марку и год выпуска машины, однако полиция Франции не смогла найти эту машину и находившихся в ней людей. 3) Фотограф Адандсон, сделавший снимки в туннеле, был убит и сожжен в автомобиле, а в Париже его компьютерные диски, фотографии и материалы о гибели Дианы похитили неизвестные.

6. Write the text`s summary and its 5 key words in English.

Higher education in Britain value compared with America.

The Economist, March 1, 2017.

Universities in Britain may be able to charge $17,200 a year in 2017-2018 for new fast-track degrees. These proposed two-year courses will cost the same £28,000 as the standard three-year course, but living expenses will be reduced. Previous generations of British students enjoyed free college education and the very fact that universities charge for courses still prickles many Brits. Last week’s announcement of fast-track degrees prompted more talk of a college education in Britain resembling the American-style fees system, but these comparisons are mostly misleading. Obtaining a degree in Britain can cost more than in some American public universities, which are funded by the state, although their lower tuition fees only apply to state residents. On that measure Britain would rank near the middle of the 50-state average, somewhere between Oklahoma and Louisiana. But the top fees that are charged to out-of-state students (who account for about a fifth of the annual intake) are still far higher than in Britain. Moreover, in Britain the majority of universities charge the same amount. By contrast, America’s fees differ among public universities. For example, across all of Georgia’s public colleges the average tuition fee for a four-year degree comes out at $33,800, about the same as the cost of a degree at a British college. But tuition at the prestigious main campus of the University of Georgia works out at $45,500. University fees are relatively new in Britain. A £1,000-a-year fee was introduced by the Labor Party in 1998, under a policy initiated by the previous Conservative government. This was increased in 2006 to a maximum of £3,000 per year and by the mid-2000s most universities were charging the maximum. But this did not constrain the number of university applications and the National Union of Students eventually dropped its opposition to fees, accepting the argument that the money had to come from somewhere. In 2012 the government tripled tuition fees to £9,000 a year. Nonetheless, the number of British and foreign university applicants has risen by more than a third over the past decade. Compared with their American counterparts, Britain’s universities are still good value, and further increases are unlikely to change that any time soon. In 2016-2017 British maximum for three years undergraduates course was $33,500 ($34,800 in 2017-2018). The American maximum for four years undergraduate course was $148,000 in Vermont, $140,000 in Michigan, $128,000 in Connecticut. In 2016-2017, the USA maximum average for four years undergraduate course was $99,000. The USA minimum for four years undergraduate course was $20,000 in Wyoming, $25,000 in Florida, $26,000 in Montana.

1. Translate the text aurally on the spot. 2. Find the Russian equivalents of the following. 1) fast-track degree, 2) the living expenses, 3) the American-style fees system, 4) the state residents, 5) out-of-state students, 6) undergraduate course. 2. Answer the questions about the text in writing. 1) What is the meaning of the words «fast-track degree»? 2) What is the difference between 4-years and 3-years study course? 3) Is it cheaper to obtain a degree in Britain than in the US? 4) Who gives money to American public universities? 5) What is an average tuition fee for a four-year degree in Georgia? 6) Why did the number of British and foreign university applicants rise in Britain? 7) What was the USA maximum tuition for undergraduate course?

4. Translate into English aurally. 1) Правители США специально уничтожили государственное финансирование университетов, поскольку оно давало возможность беднякам и национальным меньшинствам получать высшее образование, создавало многорасовый, многонациональный средний класс. 2) Прежде всего государственного финансирования лишили дисциплины социология, история, антропология, изучение меньшинств, поскольку они якобы не давали студентам практических навыков. 3) Максимально сузив спектр преподаваемых в университетах дисциплин, элита США уменьшила время на освоение и понимание информации на четверть с 4 до 3 лет. 4) Обычное высшее образование, не предназначенное для элиты, сократили до примитивного преподавания «слайдовым методом», когда лектор показывает картинки слайдов и подписи к ним.

5. Present aurally the general idea of the text in 4 sentences. 6. Write the text`s summary and its 5 key words in English.

KKK not Dead


On January 10, 2017 A&E planned to start but canceled the network's newest docuseries, Generation KKK. The series, which started filming in June 2015, looks into the inner workings of the Ku Klux Klan and the family lives of its highest-ranking members, who often pass the doctrine of hate and white supremacy on to their children. Though the filmmakers were able to gain access to several important figures within the KKK — including Steven Howard, the Imperial Wizard in Mississippi, and Chris Buckley, a Grand Knight hawk in Georgia — the creators reassured the Times that they took great pains to not be used as a microphone for the hate group. The series heavily features activists Daryle Lamont Jenkins, Arno Michaelis, and Bryon Widner, who attempt to persuade the Klansmen to change their way of thinking, or at least not involve their children in KKK activity. Both the making of the series and its release coincide with a resurgence in the KKK, which the Southern Poverty Law Center reports doubled in number of local chapters from 2014 to 2015, and with the widely cited rise of the white-nationalist political movement known as the alt-right.

Members of the Ku Klux Klan who were participating in a now-canceled documentary series for A&E are claiming producers paid them to fabricate scenes for the show. The show, “Escaping the KKK: A Documentary Series Exposing Hate in America,” was scheduled to premiere Jan. 10, 2017. A&E canceled the series after learning cash payments were made “to facilitate access” to the film’s subjects by the production company, This Is Just a Test (TIJAT). The show was initially titled “Generation KKK,” but A&E changed it to make it clear the film is a work of documentary journalism rather than reality-TV entertainment. However, KKK leaders tell Variety that they each were paid hundreds of dollars in cash a day during filming to participate in fabricated scenes designed to fit a predetermined narrative of tension between Klan members and relatives who wanted to get out. KKK leaders also say they were presented with scripted scenarios, encouraged not to file taxes on the cash payments, instructed about what to say on camera and directed to re-enact camera shoots until the production team got what it needed. Multiple sources told Variety the production team even paid for material and equipment to make Nazi swastikas and to construct and burn wooden crosses.

One of the featured subjects, Richard Nichols, the grand dragon of a KKK cell known as the Tennessee White Knights of the Invisible Empire, said producers encouraged him to use the word “n****r” when being interviewed. “We were betrayed by the producers and A&E,” Nichols said. “It was all made up ― pretty much everything we said and did was fake and because that is what the film people told us to do and say.” The Huffington Post reached out to TIJAT but has received no response. The company had issued a statement to TheWrap.com. “We take these allegations very seriously and in partnership with A&E we will be looking into them fully,” the statement said. “We fully expected opposition from hate organizations who wish to disparage this series. “We have been told that participants in the series have received threats and coerced into speaking out against the authenticity of the show.” The company also addressed A&E’s decision to cancel the series before the airdate: “We had many long conversations about how to tackle this subject matter, and we are proud of the program we made. We feel the backlash over the announcement of this series has led to a shoot the messenger mentality.”

Anxiety about the Klan in recent years has never reached the level it once caused, at its peak, and the group is estimated to have fewer than ten thousand numbers (down from a few million) in scattered, unlinked chapters. The more probable culprits of racial violence now are sole actors like Dylann Roof, who murdered nine people in a historically black church in Charleston, and who is believed to have been radicalized, at least partly, by hate propaganda. As of 2016, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) puts total Klan membership nationwide at around 6,000 members total.

The police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, who killed Michael Brown in 2014, may have connection to KKK, because the Klan secretly forge alliances with police departments. After Michael Brown killing the violence in 119 cities of 36 states demonstrated the real number of KKK members in the US. The Klan changed its methods. Secret Klansmen in police departments stopped lynching Afro-Americans at night but openly kill them in broad daylight while patrolling city streets.

In December 2016, Donald Trump`s ally billionaire Carl Paladino, who served as co-chair for Trump's campaign in New York, made remarks about President Obama. In response to a question about what his hopes for 2017, Paladino said, "Obama catches mad cow disease after being caught having relations with a Herford. He dies before his trial and is buried in a cow pasture next to Valerie Jarret, who died weeks prior, after being convicted of sedition and treason, when a Jihady cell mate mistook her for being a nice person and decapitated her." Paladino later apologized, saying the comments weren’t meant for publication. “I wanted to say something as sarcastic and hurtful as possible about the people (the Obamas and Valerie Jarrett) so responsible for the hurt and suffering of so many others,” he said, according to the Post. These words showed white elite`s secret racial hatred to Obama and Jarret – top representatives of Afro-American community. The Klansmen’s racial hatred was more open and more intense than billionaire Carl Paladino`s hatred to Obama.

1. Find the Russian equivalents of the following.

1) highest-ranking member, 2) the doctrine of white supremacy, 3) the hate group, 4) to take great pains, 5) to fabricate scenes, 6) to say on camera, 7) the film people, 8) to be convicted of sedition and treason

2. Answer the questions about the text in writing.

1) What is the KKK?

2) How many Klansmen were active in the US?

3) Who was the grand dragon of a KKK cell known as the Tennessee White Knights of the Invisible Empire?

4) Was it safe to be a KKK member in 2016?

5) Who was the Imperial Wizard in Mississippi, and a Grand Knight hawk in Georgia?

6) Why did the documentary series production team pay for material and equipment to make Nazi swastikas and to construct and burn wooden crosses?

7) Why did A&E network cancel the newest docuseries «Generation KKK»?

8) Did billionaire Carl Paladino`s sarcastic words show his hatred to Afro-Americans?

3. Translate the text aurally.

4. Translate into English aurally. 1) В 2015 году в американских тюрьмах было в шесть раз больше чернокожих, чем белых, что показывало расистское отношение предвзятых судов к неграм. 2) В Америке расизм проявлялся в виде т.н. «стеклянного потолка» (glass ceiling) - невидимой преграды в приеме на работу, в карьерном росте, и это в 2016 году подтверждала цифра 58 % безработных среди негритянской молодежи. 3) В США из-за тотальной слежки и системы доносительства люди боялись открыто выражать свои расистские взгляды, поэтому социологические опросы показывали низкий уровень расизма. 4) В США расизм имеет в основе также и классовую ненависть паразитов богатого белого класса к бедному и угнетенному классу чернокожих жертв.

5. Present aurally the general idea of the text in 4-6 sentences. 6. Write the text`s summary and its 5 key words in English.

7. Write a paper of 130-150 words on the text`s general idea.

The Top 0.01 Percent

https://www.cnbc.com/2014/03/31/the-other-wealth-gap-the-1-vs-the-001.html; http://www.politifact.com/virginia/statements/2015/ sep/21/bernie-s/bernie-sanders-says-top-01-us-have-almost-much-wealth/; http://www.cbsnews.com/news/the-u-s-economy-is-broken
Everyone talked about the 1 percent -- «the Fat and the Furious», but who are they exactly? There’s strong evidence that it’s not the 1 percent you should worry about—it’s the 0.01 percent. That decimal point makes a big difference. The wealthiest 400 families spend winter in luxurious estates on South Ocean Boulevard in Palm Beach, Florida. Media moguls Ziff brothers had $195 million estate on 2000 South Ocean Boulevard. Donald Trump`s Mar-a-Lago estate on 1100 South Ocean Boulevard was worth $200 million. Billionaire pervert Jeff Epstein`s 358 El Brillo Road estate was worth $2.5 million in 1990 but its cost rose to $16.4 million in 2017. The wealthiest 400 families are members of Mar-a-Lago Club with initiation fee of $200,000. Over the last decade, a gigantic share of America’s income and wealth gains has flowed to the wealthiest 400 families. The big winners are those in the top 0.01 percent. These folks, who have a net worth of more than $121 million, have seen their share of the U.S. wealth more than double since 1995, from around 5 percent to just under 12 percent in 2012. The top 0.01 percent are stock-market winners—bankers, CEOs—who are riding financial markets to outsize gains. In the United States 536 people had a shared net worth of $2.6 trillion (2014). #1 on Forbes list Bill Gates was enjoying a $82 bln net worth equivalent to the collective net worth of the poorest hundred million Americans and the poorest half of humanity. #3 on Forbes list Warren Buffet had $65 bln (2016). CNN reported that Warren Buffet saved money in McDonalds eating a $2.95 sandwich, but it was only a PR-campaign action. Warren Buffet made this comment: «There`s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class that`s making war and we`re winning». On July 27, 2016 Donald Trump said he'd worth over $10 billion, but new analysis concluded his assets at $3.7 billion was worth far less. Forbes spread a legend that David Rockefeller, Sr. age 101, who had seven hearts transplanted, was #214 on Forbes list. His real time net worth as of 1.3.2017 was said to be only $3.1 billion. The descendants of John D. Rockefeller, arguably the richest man in history, had a collective net worth of $11 billion, according to Forbes' list of America's wealthiest families (2016). To make it into the 1 percent, you need to have, according to some estimates, at least about $1,360,000 a year in income, or around $8 million accumulated in wealth. At the lower end of the 1 percent spectrum, the “lower-uppers,” as they have been called, you’ll find people like vice-presidents of companies, well-paid Hollywood stars and TV media figures, lawyers, successful doctors, accountants, talented engineers. Plenty of these affluent people have enjoyed blessings from Lady Luck. Income inequality in the United States persists at extremely high levels, particularly at the very top of the income ladder. The incomes (adjusted for inflation) of the top 1 percent of families grew from $990,000 in 2009 to $1,360,000 in 2015, a growth of 37 percent. But 81 percent of the U.S. workforce had an average salary $3160 a month (2016). Not born in the US 16 percent of the workforce had an average salary $2656 a month (2016). 58 percent of young Afro-Americans were unemployed, and a member of an Afro-American family earned $181 a month (2016). In 2016, 43 million Americans lived on food-stamps ($133.85 a month).

Many Americans correctly perceive the U.S. as a land of "haves" and "have-nots." Between 1980 and 2014, income for the middle 40 percent of U.S. households – meaning those with average pre-tax earnings of $65,300 – rose a total of 42 percent. That's about 1.2 percentage points per year. Income for the top 0.1 percent ($6 million in average income) jumped 320 percent between 1980 and 2014. And it positively exploded for the richest Americans: Income for the 0.01 percent (average income of $121.9 million) shot up 636 percent, or nearly 19 percent per year. In 2017, the 1 percent have roughly 20 percent of national income. Not surprisingly, the tidal shift in who earns what in the U.S. is expressing itself in other ways — like who lives longer. As a result, a 40-year-old man in the top 1 percent of U.S. income earners can expect to live to 87, economic research shows. Among the bottom 1 percent, a man of the same age can expect to make it to 72. The main reason for that divergence, as economists Anne Case and Angus Deaton showed last year: a surge in deaths among people in this group from drug and alcohol abuse and from suicide. That's not merely a sign of a troubled economy -- it's broken. Since 1980, average pre-tax income for people in the top 1 percent has tripled, to about $1.3 million a year (as of 2014). For those in the bottom 50 percent, income has idled at around $16,000. In other words, it's back to the future, with the income gap in the U.S. roughly at the same level as in the late 1920s. Just before the Great Depression, the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans collected nearly a quarter of the nation's income, while the bottom 90 percent got just over two-thirds.

1. Translate the text aurally on the spot.

2. Find the Russian equivalents of the following.

1) a net worth, 2) a PR-campaign action, 3) to enjoy blessings from Lady Luck, 4) income inequality, 5) a land of "haves" and "have-nots", 6) drug and alcohol abuse, 7) it's back to the future.  

3. Answer the questions about the text in writing.

1) Who were called «the Fat and the Furious»?

2) What is the meaning of the phrase «blessings from Lady Luck»?

3) What was the top 1 percent year income in 2015?

4) What is a food stamp?

5) What income was needed to make it into the 1 percent?

6) Why is America perceived as a land of "have-nots"?

7) Why do American millionaires live longer than the poor?

4. Translate into English aurally. 1) В 2016 году признаком принадлежности к элите Вашингтона был костюм от Бриони ценой 5000 - 10000 долларов. 2) В 2013 году был снят документальный фильм о богачах, перечисливший 12 признаков принадлежности к «одному проценту». 3) В США признаком настоящего богача было то, что его нельзя было публично называть словом «олигарх», имевшим негативный смысл. 4) Признаком богача было то, что он обращался к слугам только по фамилии, подчеркивая этим свое высокое положение. 5) Признаком американского богача была жадность, как у миллиардера Уоррена Баффета, давшего дочери 20 долларов взаймы на оплату парковки.

5. Write the text`s summary and its 5 key words in English

6. Write a paper in 130-150 words on the income inequality in America.

Rupert Murdoch http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rupert Murdoch
The most powerful media mogul in the world billionaire Rupert Murdoch had a seat on the Council on Foreign Relations. Murdoch had enormous influence in the world through his publications and TV news channels. He became an American citizen in 1985 to facilitate purchases of TV stations, barred to foreigners. In 1984-85 Murdoch controlled 20th Century Fox, and then Metromedia, the TV stations of which formed the basis of Fox Broadcasting Company, which took over total coverage of NFL games in 1993. All the time, Murdoch’s net worth was growing. In co-operation with Telstra Rupert Murdoch launched Foxtel pay TV in 1996, and concurrently Fox News Channel in the US, both of which were outstandingly successful projects – Murdoch’s wealth appreciated accordingly. In 2003, Murdoch secured a third share of Hughes Electronics, the largest satellite TV company in the US. Not content with that, Dow Jones was acquired from the Bancroft family by Murdoch in 2007, which included such publications as Smart Money, Barron’s Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and the Far Eastern Economic Review, domiciled in Hong Kong. In 2017, he was the owner not just Fox News, but newspapers, magazines, networks, websites around the world, the biggest, the most scandalous and the most politically extreme. Media mogul’s personal wealth was over $14.3 billion, accumulated over more than 60 years in the media and entertainment industries. This amount puts him well inside the top 100 richest people in the world. Murdoch was married four times. In March 2016, when he was 85, he married to former model Jerry Hall (born in 1956). He supported Prime ministers Margaret Thatcher and John Major on the right in his battles with the unions, but then Tony Blair on the left. Strong support of the three aforementioned prime ministers by Murdoch certainly assisted their respective election victories in the 1990s and early 2000s. Rupert Murdoch became involved in American politics. He supported Hillary Clinton’s bid for a senate seat in 2006, and Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008, backed Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election. He was known to support Donald Trump and to be a strong supporter of immigration reform in the US. He does actually have interests in mainland Europe too, including the satellite TV provider Sky Italia, often in conflict with the Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. July 11, 2011 a scandal erupted in Britain when it was disclosed to the public that the Murdoch newspaper’s snoopers monitored the phone conversations of the Royal Family and their aides, bribed corrupt detectives to receive phone numbers and highly sensitive information about senior members of the Royal Family. Other titles in Rupert Murdoch’s News International stable were dragged into the scandal when it was claimed that The Sun and the Sunday Times snoopers targeted former Prime Minister Mr. Brown. Details of his bank accounts, tax affairs and even the medical condition of his baby son were said to have been sought by hackers and others working for the Murdoch newspapers. It emerged, that Labor MP Martin Salter, who had refused to back the News of the World campaign, had also been the target of the Murdoch newspaper’s snoopers.
1. Translate the text aurally on the spot.

2. Find the Russian equivalents of the following.

1) media mogul. 2) to monitor the phone conversations, 3) the newspaper’s snoopers.

3. Answer the questions about the text in writing.

1) Why did Murdoch become an American citizen?

2) When did Murdoch launch Fox News Channel?

3) What did Murdoch acquire from the Bancroft family in 2007?

4) Why was Murdoch included into the top 100 richest people in the world?

5) What was Murdoch`s view on immigration reform in the US?

6) Why did Murdoch`s activity cause a scandal in Britain?

7) Whom did Murdoch newspaper’s snoopers target in Britain?

3. Translate into English aurally. 1) В 2011 году Мердок владел третью всех СМИ Британии, в том числе телеканалами с десятью миллионами подписчиков, четырьмя газетами общим тиражом 6,5 млн. экземпляров: правоцентристской Таймс, Санди таймс, таблоидами Сан, Ньюс оф уорлд. 2) Мердок не понес уголовную ответственность после нескольких скандалов 2007-2011 годов, когда СМИ сообщили, что в 2000-2007 годах главные редакторы, журналисты его изданий и частные детективы прослушивали телефонные разговоры членов королевской семьи, в том числе принцев Уильяма и Гарри, жены Уильяма принцессы Кейт и нескольких тысяч представителей британской элиты. 3) На суде выяснилось, что газета Санди таймс шесть раз нанимала имитатора, который звонил в Эбби нэшэнл бэнк, где премьер-министр Гордон Браун держал свои деньги, и, разговаривая его голосом, просил сообщить информацию о деталях его счета. 4) Члены Британского парламента на срочной сессии сравнили Мердока с итальянским премьером Сильвио Берлускони, который статьями своих таблоидов дискредитировал политических противников и не стеснялся в средствах. 

George Soros

George Soros was born in Hungary. In 1959, he came to the USA being a low paid bank official, but in September 2017, his net worth was $24.6 billion, making him one of the 20 richest people in the world. He bankrolled the presidential campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the anti-Trump movement actions in January-February 2017.  A large part of Soros’ multibillion-dollar fortune has come from manipulating currencies. Soros is known as "The Man Who Broke the Bank of England" because of his short sale of $10 billion worth of pound sterling, making him a profit of $1 billion during the 1992 Black Wednesday UK currency crisis. During the 1997 Asian financial crisis, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad accused Soros of bringing down the nation’s currency through his trading activities, and in Thailand he was called an “economic war criminal.”  In 2009, Soros increased his net worth by $5 billion after the 2008 world finance crisis, because he knew insider information. On June 30, 2011 the media mogul, owner of the Fox News Corporation Rupert Murdoch fired a popular TV host Glenn Beck from Fox News Channel because Beck made a TV program «George Soros. A Puppet Master». Soros gave more than $7 billion to the US left-wing groups.  In 1979-1992 he gave $2.5 billion to foreign dissidents including Solidarity movement in Poland, Charter 77 in Czechoslovakia,  anticommunists in the Soviet Union. In 1984, he founded Open Society Institute in Hungary with a budget of $3 million. It ended with the collapse of the Hungarian government in 1989. He gave enormous sums of money to dissidents in the Soviet Union, which ended with the collapse of the USSR. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Soros's funding has continued in Ukraine. His funding of subversive programs in Georgia  ended in 1993 with the Rose Revolution and establishing of the pro-American regime. Former Georgian foreign minister Salomé Zourabichvili wrote that institutions like the Soros Foundation were the cradle of subversive activities and that all the NGOs that gravitated around the Soros Foundation undeniably carried the revolution. She opines that after the 1993 revolution the Soros Foundation and the NGOs were integrated into power. In 2011, Soros participated in the Munich conference on security, which discussed geopolitics and national security issues but not the financial problems. In May 2014, two months after the pro-American color revolution victory in Ukraine, Soros said to CNN's Fareed Zakaria: "I set up a foundation in Ukraine before Ukraine became independent from Russia. And the foundation has been functioning ever since and played an important part in events now." Soros advised the participants of the 2015 Davos conference not to invest in Russia. Soros-backed NGOs were banned in Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. In November 2015, Russia banned the Open Society Foundations (OSF) and the Open Society Institute (OSI) -- two charities founded by Soros—stating they posed as "threat to the foundations of the constitutional system of the Russian Federation and the security of the state." In January 2016, 53 books related to Soros' "Renewal of Humanitarian Education" program were burned at Vorkuta Mining and Economic College in the Komi Republic with 427 additional books seized for shredding. In December 2015, a Russian intergovernmental letter stated that Soros' charities were «forming a perverted perception of history and making ideological directives, alien to Russian ideology». Ercis Kurtulus, head of the Social Transparency Movement Association in Turkey, said in an interview that "Soros carried out his will in Ukraine and Georgia by using these NGOs... Last year Russia passed a special law prohibiting NGOs from taking money from foreigners. I think this should be banned in Turkey as well." In January 2015, Soros said that "Europe needs to wake up and recognize that it is under attack from Russia." He also urged Western countries to expand economic sanctions against Russia for its support of separatists in eastern Ukraine. In January 2015, Soros called on the European Union to give $50 billion of bailout money to Ukraine. Soros made this comment: “I admit that I have always harbored an exaggerated view of my self-importance—to put it bluntly, I fancied myself as some kind of god”. 
1. Translate the text aurally on the spot.

2. Find the Russian equivalents of the following.

1) to bankroll the presidential campaign, 2) to manipulate currencies, 3) Black Wednesday UK currency crisis, 4) to integrate the NGOs into power, 5) threat to the security of the state, 6) a perverted perception of history.

2. Answer the questions about the text in writing.

1) Was Soros a native American?

2) Why did Soros increase his wealth in 2009?

3) What did the former Georgian foreign minister write about the Soros Foundation?

4) What was the Soros Foundation role in 2013-2014 Ukraine color revolution?

5) What did Soros urge the Western countries to do in 2015?

6) What was Soros objectives in Ukraine?

7) Why did Murdoch fire a popular TV host Glenn Beck from Fox News Channel?

8) Why was the 1992 Pound sterling collapse called Black Wednesday?

9) How much money did Soros spend to help the East European dissidents in 1979-1992?

3. Translate into English aurally. 1) В 1959 году Сорос начинал в США с капитала 600 долларов, но в 1969 году он обладал уже 100 млн. долларами капитала, поскольку тайно имел внешнюю помощь и инсайдерскую информацию. 2) В 2016 г. премьер-министр Венгрии Виктор Орбан обвинил НКО Сороса в проведении подрывной деятельности и управлении потоком 1,5 млн. беженцев из африканских и ближневосточных стран в Евросоюз. 3) Организация Викиликс обвинила Джорджа Сороса в том, что он финансировал подготовку и публикацию 3.4.2016 г. компрометирующей информации «панамского досье» о якобы оффшорных компаниях первых лиц стран бывшего СССР, чтобы дискредитировать высших руководителей России. 4)  СМИ сообщали, что в январе 2017 г. организации Сороса оплатили марш женщин в Вашингтоне против избранного президента Д. Трампа.

4. Present aurally the general idea of the text in 4-6 sentences. 5. Write the text`s summary and its 5 key words in English.

6. Write a paper in 130-150 words on the Soros NGO`s role in Ukraine, Georgia and Russia.

David Rockefeller

David Rockefeller (1915-2017) was the American empire`s shadow ruler. He headed networks of 150,000 agents of influence, written in his Rolodex. Rockefeller ruled using several elite groups: Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission - the most powerful organizations in the world. He was received in foreign capitals with honors accorded a chief of state. David was the grandson of the richest man in the world and his father was considered to be in the top ten world richest bankers. He inherited not only super wealth, connections in the American elite and in the world richest bankers` circle. Rockefeller didn`t have more than five percent of Chase Manhattan Bank`s stock but nevertheless it was called «David`s bank». A popular joke of the era held that David Rockefeller never ran for President because he didn’t want a demotion. There was more truth to that joke than many realized. He was in fact offered the position of Treasury Secretary three times and the chair of the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors once, but turned all of these appointments down because he felt he could accomplish his goals more effectively through the Circle of seven bankers, that planned 2008 world financial crisis, 2014-2015 world oil prices three-fold reduction. He founded and headed an array of elite groups like the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Atlantic Circle, that annually gather for three days in Europe and three days in America. When Rockefeller wanted to shape the reconstruction of Europe in the wake of his “good war,” he sat on the committee that created the Marshall plan, which eventually directed $13 billion of US taxpayer money to Rockefeller and his corporate cronies. When he wanted to do the same in Japan, he chaired the Japan Society that his brother Nelson Rockefeller had founded. When he needed to pry open Latin America for Chase Manhattan Bank, he founded the Council of the Americas. When he wanted to expand NAFTA into a free trade agreement covering the entire western hemisphere, he used the council, as well as a number of other organizations he personally founded and funded, to push for the Free Trade Area of the Americas. He gave enormous money and backed his agents of influence advancing his political agendas of globalization – the code word for the world government. David grew up in the largest private residence in NY at the time. It bustled with valets, parlor maids, nurses and chambermaids. When he was a boy, he would roller skate along Fifth Avenue trailed by a limousine in case he grew tired. As an heir to his grandfather legacy, David Rockefeller lived all his life in baronial splendor and privilege, whether in Manhattan or at his magnificent country estates. Rockefeller`s wealth and power is seen in the fact that he used seven transplanted hearts. The first heart transplantation was made in 1976 when he was 60 and the last - when he was 99. Rockefeller as the king of the kings had two chancellors giving him advice. Henry Kissinger was the chancellor of his right hand and Zbigniew Brzezinski was the chancellor of his left hand. In 1973, David Rockefeller and his chancellor Zbigniew Brzezinski formed Trilateral Commission. Rockefeller appointed CIA directors, picked up his agents of influence as candidates and got them elected presidents. These presidents then proceeded to sweep Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission members into office and on the top cabinet positions. In 1979, Rockefeller, Brzezinski and Kissinger invited the deposed shah of Iran to the US, not paying attention to his secret police SAWAK killing about 80,000 Iranians. But as tireless as Rockefeller was in his pursuit of globalization, personally visiting 103 countries and racking up over 8 million air kilometers as he amassed a network of no less than 150,000 personal contacts for his Rolodex, Rockefeller’s ambitions were larger than even he could personally oversee. Like any good crime syndicate leader, he would need a capo. In 1976, when he lost the opportunity to frequently fly abroad because of the transplanted heart, he found the perfect legate in Henry Kissinger, who personally transmitted his secret orders to the agents of influence. It was through Henry Kissinger that David Rockefeller could influence policy no matter who was nominally in charge of the country. In 2006, Kissinger was revealed to be secretly advising President Bush throughout the Iraq war, with Vice-President Cheney admitting he talked to Kissinger more than anyone else and Bush treating Kissinger like a member of the family with a “standing invitation to call whenever he was coming to Washington.” In 2016, just after being feted by Obama for his career of spreading Rockefeller globalism for the deep state ruling class, Kissinger met with Trump to tell him what US foreign policy would really be under a Trump administration. On May 17, 2016 Trump and Kissinger hold foreign policy huddle in New York. Trump’s motorcade rolled into Kissinger’s home around 3 p.m., where the low-profile meeting lasted about one hour. Trump aides said the presumptive GOP presidential nominee and 92-year-old guru have spoken over the phone multiple times, and that Trump requested the face-to-face. Of course, Rockefeller and his network did not put all of their globalist eggs only in the Kissinger basket. David Rockefeller took part in annual Bilderberg group meetings. He was the steering committee advisor and had remarkable control over the Bilderberg group. In 1953-2016, the Bilderberg group, two top ruling circles and their 230 hosts annual meetings have hosted discussions that have given birth to the European Union, and, later on, the euro; planned the 1973 oil crisis and set the timetable for the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the 2011 invasion of Libya, among many other things.
1. Find the Russian equivalents of the following.

1) to turn all of the appointments down, 2) the elite group, 3) an agent of influence, 4) the political agenda of globalization, 5) to live in baronial splendor and privilege, 6) a magnificent country estate, 7) to picked up a candidate and get him elected president, 8) the crime syndicate leader, 9) to be nominally in charge of the country, 10) the low-profile meeting, 11) the face-to-face. 2. Answer the questions about the text in writing.

1) Who coined the phrase «deep state» in 2013?

2) Was president Jimmy Carter the agent of Rockefeller`s influence?

3) Is it possible for an ordinary American to be transplanted a new heart at the age of 99?

4) Why did David Rockefeller never run for President?

5) How many countries did Rockefeller visit personally?

6) Why did George Bush Jr. treat Kissinger with a standing invitation like a member of the family?

7) Who planned in advance and discussed the 1973 oil crisis?

3. Translate the text aurally.

4. Translate the text in writing beginning with the words «In 1976, when he lost the opportunity» and ending with the words «Trump requested the face-to-face».

5. Translate into English aurally. 1) Рокфеллер в 1921-1939 годах в Германии и Британии, в 1941-2017 годах в США, Британии и Канаде финансировал исследования с целью выведения более совершенной расы, уничтожения и стерилизации "неполноценных". 2) После 1945 года Рокфеллер организовал приезд в США и Канаду нацистских ученых, проводивших в концлагерях Германии эксперименты над людьми, и продолживших в Америке секретные исследования по евгенике, по манипуляции сознанием человека в проекте ЦРУ «МК-ультра». 3) Уильям Энгдаль цитировал высказывание якобы Рокфеллера о трех объектах глобального управления: «Если вы контролируете нефть, то управляете странами, если контролируете продовольствие, то управляете /сокращением/ населения, если контролируете деньги, то управляете всем миром.»

6. Write the text`s summary and its 5 key words in English.

7. Write a paper of 130-150 words on the text`s general idea.

Lunch with the FT: Zbigniew Brzezinski

Financial Times, 14.1.2012, People with Money, February 8.2.2017
For most people in their eighties, life is a gradual winding down. For Zbigniew Brzezinski, one of the key architects of America’s cold war strategy being 83 isn’t much different from 43. Brzezinski plays singles tennis every day. At the crack of dawn, he is often found opining trenchantly on Morning Joe, the MSNBC daily news show co-hosted by his daughter Mika. And he remains an adviser to president Barack Obama and to secretary of state Hillary Clinton. We meet at Teatro Goldoni, one of Washington’s best Italian restaurants, located on the infamous K Street, home to many of the town’s lobbying groups. It is also a block from the Center for Strategic International Studies, one of DC’s biggest think-tanks, where Brzezinski is a Chancellor. I spent the previous night reading through Brzezinski’s new book – Strategic Vision: America and the Crisis of Global Power. “That must have been a sad evening,” says Brzezinski, chuckling. The book offers a bracing portrait of a “receding west” with one half, Europe, turning into a “comfortable retirement home”, and the other, the US, beset by relative economic decline and a dysfunctional politics. In this rapidly changing new world, America’s growing “strategic isolation” is matched only by China’s “strategic patience”. The book is full of sharp advice: the US should prod Europe to bring both Russia and Turkey into an enlarged West. America should not attempt to contain China. Most important, the US should revitalize its domestic economy if it wants to stave off further decline.

We spoke about ignorance, which Brzezinski lists as one of America’s six “key vulnerabilities” in his book alongside “mounting debt’, a “flawed financial system”, “decaying national infrastructure”, “widening income inequality”, and “increasingly gridlocked politics”. He contrasts the level of knowledge of Chinese policymakers with that of their American counterparts. Having befriended Deng Xiaoping, China’s former leader, who led the country out of its long dark Maoist night, Brzezinski is an unabashed admirer of China’s diplomatic skills. In January 1979 he even had Deng round to his DC home for dinner. The diminutive Chinese leader was amused when Brzezinski served him from a bottle of Russian vodka he had been given for Christmas by the Soviet ambassador. Brzezinski quotes a senior Chinese official who reportedly said of America: “Please don’t decline too quickly”. He then lampoons the standard American candidate’s response to any talk of decline, which is simply to assert that America’s greatness will return if only people would believe in it. ‘Help is here. Smile a lot. Everything will disappear. It will be fine’ – well, sad to say, it doesn’t work that way. People are ignorant and scared. It will take more than that.” Brzezinski departs as briskly as he arrived, and with another of those iron handshakes.

The bill settled: Teatro Goldoni 1909 K Street NW, Washington, DC. Mixed salad $11.00; Beet salad $12.00; Taglierini (duck ragù pasta) $20.00; Lasagne $18.50; Dubonnet Blanc x2 $23.62; Cappuccino $5.00; Double espresso $4.50. Total (including service and taxes) $124.09

2016 has been a rough year for the politician, but at least he has his millions of dollars to ease the pain. 88-year-old Zbigniew Brzezinski has taken the No. 1 spot on People with Money’s top 10 highest-paid politicians for 2017 with an estimated $82 million in combined earnings. In 2014 it looked like the politician’s spectacular career was winding down. Suddenly, he was back on top when the war broke out in Ukraine. On February 7, 2017 People with Money reports that Brzezinski is the highest-paid politician in the world, pulling in an astonishing $82 million between January 2016 and January 2017, a nearly $50 million lead over his closest competition. The American politician has an estimated net worth of $245 million. He owes his fortune to smart stock investments, substantial property holdings, lucrative endorsement deals with CoverGirl cosmetics. He also owns several restaurants (the “Fat Brzezinski Burger” chain) in Washington, a Football Team (the “Warsaw Angels”), has launched his own brand of Vodka (Pure Wonderbrzezinski - US), and is tackling the juniors market with a top-selling perfume (With Love from Zbigniew) and a fashion line called “Zbigniew Brzezinski Seduction”. The ranking is significant for many Zbigniew fans, who have been waiting for his triumphant return to the glory days for what seems like a lifetime.

1. Find the Russian equivalents of the following.

1) the key architect of cold war strategy, 2) at the crack of dawn, 3) an adviser to president, 4) the lobbying group, 5) a “comfortable retirement home”, 6) China’s “strategic patience”, 7) the key vulnerability, 8) the diminutive Chinese leader. 3. Answer the questions about the text in writing.

1) Why was K Street infamous in New York?

2) What is the meaning of the words «think tank»?

3) Why was Brzezinzky advising the US presidents?

4) What Chinese policy was called «strategic patience»?

5) Did Brezezinsky advice the US elite to contain China?

6) Why did Deng Xiaoping come to the US in January 1979?

7) Why was it amusing to serve Deng Xiaoping the Russian vodka?

8) When will America’s greatness supposed to return?

9) What was Cappuccino`s price at Teatro Goldoni Italian restaurant? 2. Translate the text aurally.

3. Translate the text from English into Russian in writing beginning with the words « The book is full of sharp advice»

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