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and ending with the words «drone strikes outside battlefields».

5. Translate into English aurally. 1) В 2016 г. автор статьи использовала кодовые слова о «по-настоящему опасной угрозе безопасности для США» (truly dangerous security threat to the United States) в Евразии, чтобы обозначить секретный постулат грандстратегии «Россия – враг № 1 для США». 2) 1) В 1982 г. армия Израиля в ливанской войне разрушила систему ПВО Сирии беспилотными летательными аппаратами. 3) Беспилотник ЦРУ, вылетевший 3.11.2002 г. с авиабазы в Джибути, пуском двух ракет с высоты 3000 м уничтожил микроавтобус с пассажирами в 130 км от йеменской столицы Сана. 4) По состоянию на январь 2010 года, общая продолжительность полетов беспилотных летательных аппаратов США превысила 900000 часов.

6. Present aurally the general idea of the text in 4-6 sentences. 7. Write the text`s summary and its 5 key words in English.

8. Write a paper of 130-150 words on the US UAV usage.

Weather Manipulation and the Results.


Many people have been talking about weather manipulation recently, even more so since Hurricane Katrina came rolling in very strangely.  This is not the first time though, last year’s 5 hurricanes that hit Florida in the same spot was also suggested to be weather manipulation. The question is, did another country manipulate the hurricanes and steer them to hit the U.S. the way they did, or did our own government do this as a test to see whether our country could use weather as a weapon against other countries. This question remains open.  Veteran weather modification expert Ben Livingston is a former Navy Physicist who briefed President Lyndon B. Johnson on the effectiveness of weather control back in the 1960′s during the Vietnam era, when he was involved in cloud seeding programs that worked to slow down the advance of Vietnamese and Korean troops. Livingston asserts that hurricane control was a national priority of the government more than 40 years ago, and that the technology was fully operational to control the weather at the time. Dr. Livingston was assigned in 1966 from the Naval Weapon Research Laboratory to a marine fighter squadron in Vietnam. Instead of guns, the aircraft under Livingston’s control were fitted with cloud seeding equipment. “My mission was to find clouds and seed them for maximum precipitation value” he stated. In this exclusive interview Livingston explains how for decades the US government has had the power to both lessen and increase the severity of adverse weather for their own purposes. Furthermore, we know that land in New Orleans is very highly prized due to the fact that it serves as the primary hub for most of our country's oil refineries. But, in recent years, real estate values have depreciated, and some say this is indicative of the city's 70% black population, many of whom live in urban blighted shacks and shanties. Could this catastrophic storm be nothing more than an exercise in urban renewal outlined under the United Nation's Agenda 21 where those in lower socio-economic brackets are evacuated, then not allowed to return in the future? This would enable speculators to move in and reclaim that treasured land. Thus, the refugees are forced to leave their homes under the guise of a natural disaster. Scientists, Weather Engineers and Space Specialists are working towards something that can change human civilization forever! It is the method of artificial weather modification by which the enemy can be devastated, artificial floods, cyclones and typhoons created. Scientists have struggled to understand the best process of guiding the storm or manipulated weather. Many methods have been used. One of the recent methods used is bombarding neutrinos at the center of the eye of the cyclone or typhoon. Electromagnetic guiding of the cyclone is gaining ground. In the US, the technology is being perfected under the High-frequency Active Aural Research Program (HAARP) as part of the ("Star Wars") Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). Recent scientific evidence suggests that HAARP is fully operational and has the ability of potentially triggering floods, droughts, hurricanes and earthquakes. The HAARP based in Gokoma Alaska --jointly managed by the US Air Force and the US Navy-- is part of a new generation of sophisticated weaponry under the US Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). Operated by the Air Force Research Laboratory's Space Vehicles Directorate, HAARP constitutes a system of powerful antennas capable of creating "controlled local modifications of the ionosphere".
1. Find the Russian equivalents of the following.

1) the weather manipulation is a weapon against other countries, 2) cloud seeding programs, 3) a national priority of the government, 4) the power to both lessen and increase the severity of adverse weather, 5) the method of artificial weather modification, 6) to trigger floods, droughts, earthquakes, 7) a new generation of sophisticated weaponry.   2. Answer the questions about the text in writing.

1) What is the meaning of the code «weather modification»?

2) When did Ben Livingston start briefing President Lyndon B. Johnson on the effectiveness of weather control?

3) What was the goal of the US 1951-1953, 1964-1973 cloud seeding operations in Korea and Vietnam?

4) What was the aim of local modifications of the ionosphere?

5) What is the altitude of ionosphere?

6) When did the HAARP facilities become fully operational?

7) What gives the US possibility to conduct weather manipulation operations?

3. Translate the text aurally.

4. Translate the text in writing beginning with the words «Veteran weather modification expert» and ending with the words «controlled local modifications of the ionosphere».

5. Translate into English aurally. 1) Американцы для облучения ионосферы использовали по два радара с фазированными решетками, установленные в передней части рубки каждого из 24-х крейсеров типа Тикандерога водоизмещением свыше 10000 тонн. 2) Несколько американских радаров с фазированными решетками были установлены на японских кораблях водоизмещением более 10000 тонн. 3) Провоцирование землетрясения, ливневых дождей, наводнений, ледяных дождей, рвущих провода ЛЭП, имело цель остановить быстрый рост экономической мощи Китая. 4) Эксперты полагали, что землетрясение и цунами, поразившие 11.3.2011 г. АЭС Фукусима, могли стать непрогнозируемым последствием облучения ионосферы над Китаем с целью вызвать землетрясение.

6. Present aurally the general idea of the text in 4-6 sentences. 7. Write the text`s summary and its 5 key words in English.

8. Write a paper in 130-150 words on the weather manipulation operations. Explain the phenomenon of the Chinese frequent flooding, the icy rains in 2001-2016 which damaged electricity lines. Did the frequent flooding and the icy rains occur naturally? Use all sources of information to prove your point of view.

A Demographic War

http://katehon.com/article/genetics-are-new-eugenics-how-gmos-reduce-human-population ; https://articles.mercola.com/ sites/ articles/archive/2008/12/06/major-threat-to-human-fertility-and-very-existence-of-human-life-on-earth.aspx; https://www. bastabalkana. com/2014/02/the-threats-of-genetically-modified-organisms-gmo-dangers/; https://www.rt. com/news/408274-putin-bio-samples-harvesting/; https://www. airforcetimes. com/ news/pentagon-congress/2017/11/02/how-a-pentagon-research-project-convinced-vladimir-putin-of-a-coming-biowar/
A demographic war is a long-term covert operation with the objective to make it impossible for the enemy country`s women to conceive and bear children. Pharmaceutical war, opium war, economic war, a civil war provoking, genetic war with genetically modified objects (GMO) are integral parts of a demographic war. The Western media used code words «family planning», «population reduction», «depopulation», «elimination of undesirable eaters» in order not to mention a secret demographic war. In 1921, the US elite began the demographic war in the form of Eugenics movement. The Rockefeller Foundation in 1921-1939, when it became politically embracing, financed the Nazi Eugenics experiments of Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin and in Munich. Their goal was the elimination of what they called “undesirable eaters”. The member of the American and the British Eugenic Societies Margaret Sanger made this comment: «Those least fit to carry on the race are increasing most rapidly ... Funds that should be used to raise the standard of our civilization are diverted to maintenance of those who should never have been born». In 1940-1941, the American Eugenic Society`s secretariat was in Rockefeller Center. In 1946, the head of the American Eugenic Society Frederick Osborn (member of the Galton Institute in 1928-1931), who was a good friend of John D. Rockefeller, at the annual conference of the American Eugenic Society said: “From today, the new name of eugenics is genetics”. The American elite have been obsessed with the idea of how to reduce the population of the USSR and the Third World countries in a way that would not be so obvious as simply carrying out surgical mass-sterilization. Actually, they have reduced the population in Central America together with the World Health Organization realizing Indirect Actions Strategy, giving certain vaccines that they cooked-up to have abortive effects. Therefore, the women of child-bearing age in Central America were given these vaccines against tetanus. The organization of the Catholic Church became suspicious because the shots were given only to women, not to men. And they found that there was buried in the vaccine an abortive effect that made it impossible for women to conceive and bear children. That «vaccination» was a covert demographic war. The real agenda of GMO, which F. William Engdahl have documented in great detail in his book “Seeds of Destruction, The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation”, comes from the Rockefeller Foundation. In 1973, the means of changing the plant genes were invented. The genetically modified (GM) potato was used in military purpose as a silent weapon of mass destruction because a potato is the Russian traditional diet. In 1998, Rowett Research Institute in Aberdeen (Scotland) scientist Árpád Pusztai publicly announced that the results of his research showed feeding GM potatoes to rats harmed their immune system. It had the consequences of increased cancer risk. In 2001, Epicute Corporation isolated protein that caused sterility and spliced its gene into corn, so, that men and women eating the corn would become sterile. In 2003, the long-term test (24 months) by an Italian research group demonstrated that feeding mice with GM soya changed the structure and functioning of the testicles cells. In 2008, a long-term feeding study conducted by the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna professor Zentek confirmed that GM corn seriously affects reproductive health in mice and lead to lower fertility. There was a direct link between the decrease in fertility and the GM diet. Other studies have also found that offspring of rats fed GM soy showed the inability to reproduce. On October 31, 2017 president Vladimir Putin said that Russian genetic material was being harvested by foreigners all over the country, purposefully and professionally. That biological material was collected from different ethnic groups and people living in different geographical regions of the Russian Federation. The president was possibly hinting at the US Air Force's earlier move to acquire Russian tissue samples. In July 2017, the US Air Force Air Education and Training Command issued a tender on FedBizOpps, a US government website, seeking to acquire samples of ribonucleic acid (RNA) and synovial fluid from Russians. All samples – 12 of RNA and 27 of synovial fluid –“shall be collected from Russia and must be Caucasian,” the tender said. What exactly was meant by 'Caucasian' is open to interpretation. It also wants information on the donor’s sex, age, ethnicity, weight, height and medical history. Notably, the US Air Force said, it would not consider tissue samples from Ukraine. These samples were gathered for the 59th Medical Wing’s Center for Advanced Molecular Detection. Captain Beau Downey told Defense News that the 59th Medical Wing’s Center for Advanced Molecular Detection “is conducting research to identify various biomarkers… In all experiments, he said, two sets of sample groups are required — one for disease testing and the other as a control group. The first group of samples, obtained from a U.S.-based firm, were sourced from Russian individuals”, Downey explained. “However, to continue the research, similar samples were required,” Downey said. Referring to Putin’s revelations, the first deputy chairman of the Russian Federation Council’s Committee for Defense and Security, Frantz Klintsevich wrote on Facebook: «I’m not saying that it is about preparing a biological war against Russia. But no doubt, its scenarios are being worked on.“ … “The President’s warning is very timely. Relevant agencies in the West should know that we are aware of their interest,” he said.

1. Find the Russian equivalents of the following.

1) the least fit to carry on the race, 2) the women of child-bearing age, 3) a silent weapon of mass destruction, 4) to splice sterility gene into corn, 5) to seriously affect reproductive health, 6) the inability to reproduce, 7) samples of RNA and of synovial fluid, 8) to identify various biomarkers, 9) in case the need arises.

2. Answer the questions about the text in writing.

1) What was the Galton Institute`s main goals?

2) Why did J.D. Rockefeller`s friend, an American millionaire Frederick Osborn become the Galton Institute`s secretary in 1931?

3) What was the connection between the Rockefeller Foundation and Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin?

4) What foreign foundations financed mass surgical sterilizations in India and in the Latin American countries in 1960-2010?

5) Why was the scientist Árpád Pusztai fired from Rowett Research Institute in Aberdeen (Scotland) in 1998?

6) What were the results of Dr. Irina Yermakova feeding rats with GM soya 2000-2001 long-term experiment?

3. Translate the text in writing.

4. Translate into English aurally. 1) В 1996 г. в Бразилии были стерилизованы 40 % женщин детородного возраста. 2) В 1997 г. в Перу было проведено 100000 принудительных стерилизаций женщин, которые финансировались правительственными агентствами США. 3) В 2002 г. верховный суд Аргентины удовлетворил иск неправительственной организации о запрете таблеток, вызывающих смерть эмбриона в первые часы беременности. 4)  В 2010 году в Индии было сделано около 1 млн. операций по стерилизации женщин и около 5 млн. операций - мужчин. 5) В индийском штате Раджастан примерно 6000 женщин были привлечены на стерилизацию 30.9.2011 г. выплатой премии, эквивалентной 10 долларов, и участием в розыгрыше лотереи с призовым фондом одного автомобиля, мотоциклов, телевизоров диагональю 21 дюйм и кухонных комбайнов.

5. Present aurally the general idea of the text in 4-6 sentences. 6. Write the text`s summary and its 5 key words in English. 7. Write a paper in 130-150 words on the global demographic and genetic war. Was the Pentagon move to acquire the Russian RNA and synovial fluid samples an occasional or a purposeful action? Why and why not? Use all sources of information to prove your point of view.
School of the Americas


Since 1946, the U.S. Army’s School of the Americas (SOA) has trained military officers from countries all over Latin America. This school for mass murderers and torturers was first established in Panama as the U.S. Army Caribbean Training Center. In 1961, it was renamed the School of the Americas under President Kennedy and in 1984, relocated to Fort Benning, Georgia. The SOA was declared closed in December 2000 but then reopened one month later with a new name—the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, or WHINSEC. Since the name switch and other cosmetic changes, graduates have continued to be involved in various coups and attempted coups, including the June 2009 military coup that overthrew Honduran President Manuel Zelaya. Out of 25 Colombian graduates from 2001 to 2003, 12 have either been charged with a serious crime or commanded units whose members had reportedly committed multiple extrajudicial executions. The school’s curriculum includes commando and psychological warfare, military intelligence, sniper training and interrogation tactics—including the use of torture, rape, disappearances, assassinations, and mass killings. CIA and U.S. Army manuals used at the WHINSEC have detailed torture techniques and advocated extortion, blackmail, and the targeting of civilian populations. A former political prisoner in Paraguay described how a section of these manuals gives “interrogators” instructions on “how to keep electric shock victims alive and responsive” and “recommends dousing the victims’ heads and bodies with salt water, and includes a sketch showing how this ‘treatment’ should be carried out.” Hundreds of thousands of people in Latin America have been tortured, raped, assassinated, “disappeared,” massacred, and forced to flee their homes and become refugees by armies and death squads led by military officers trained at the SOA. Here are just some of the criminals who graduated from the SOA/ WHINSEC and the crimes they carried out: 1) Emilio Massera, navy commander in-chief, Argentina: Under the military junta led by Massera and others in the late 1970s, 30,000 people were declared “enemies of the state,” held as prisoners, tortured, dropped from airplanes, and murdered in other horrible ways. 2) Luis Alonso Discua, general, Honduras: Founder of a death squad known as Battalion 3-16, which was responsible for many disappearances and murders of government opponents. 3) Raoul Cédras, general, Haiti: Led the 1991 coup which overthrew the elected government headed by Jean-ertrand Aristide and established a brutal military regime.
1. Find the Russian equivalents of the following.

1) to commit multiple extrajudicial executions, 2) the targeting of civilian populations, 3) to keep electric shock victims alive and responsive, 4) the death squads led by military officers. 2. Answer the questions about the text in writing.

1) How many 2001-2003 School of the Americas graduates were accused of committing multiple extrajudicial executions?

2) What was the objective of including torture techniques, psychological warfare into the SOA/WHINSEC curriculum?

3) What is the meaning of the words «death squad»?

4) When did SOA begin to train Latin American officers?

3. Translate the text aurally.

4. Translate into English aurally. 1) Чилийский генерал Пиночет издал книгу «Геополитика» в 1968 году. 2) Он повторил в книге концепцию американской геостратегии – теории применения военной силы для экспансии на север и юг от границ Чили, оккупации островов, контроля проливов южного конуса Латинской Америки. 3) Пиночет не мог сам придумать теорию геостратегии, которую он узнал на лекциях в Школе Америк, где его завербовали сотрудники ЦРУ. 4) Пиночет в интервью испанскому агентству ЭФЭ 13.3.1974 г. сказал, что офицер ЦРУ США в апреле 1972 г. сообщил ему о плане свержения правительства Альенде, и что он 28.5.1973 г. якобы лично разработал план переворота 11.9.1973 года. 5) На самом деле, американцы выбрали сакральную дату переворота, имеющую «11» - число египетского бога Птаха, и «9» - число бога смерти «Т», а ЦРУ в спецоперации 11.9.2001 года повторило эту комбинацию демонов. 6) В сентябре 1973 года Пиночету в Чили помогали 400 американских советников. 7) За первый месяц после переворота в Чили было убито 30 тыс. человек. Затем в 1974-1989 года 12,5 тыс. людей погибли в тюрьмах и были застрелены на улицах, 3,5 тыс. людей пропали без вести, а миллион граждан страны (10% населения) бежали из Чили. 8) В 1998-2000 годах правительство Британии не выдало Пиночета по запросу суда Испании за преступления против испанских граждан, и после лечения в Англии бывший диктатор вернулся в Чили. 9) На 91-м году жизни против Пиночета вели 300 уголовных дел, связанным с преступлениями его режима, обвинением его в хищении десятков миллионов долларов государственных средств и переводе их на секретные счета зарубежных банков.

5. Present aurally the general idea of the text in 4-6 sentences.

6. Write a paper in 130-150 words on the SOA graduates` role in 11.9.1973 coup in Chile which overthrew the elected government and established a brutal military regime.

MS-13: Made in, and by, America

The origin of MS-13—La Mara Salvatrucha, or simply La Mara—is rooted in the horrific crimes U.S. imperialism carried out against the people of Central America in the late 1970s and early 1980s. A U.S.-backed military coup in 1979 in El Salvador gave rise to a decade-long civil war. Especially under the regime of Ronald Reagan, this struggle for liberation was met by massive terror and violence by the Salvadoran military and death squads led by Roberto D’Abuisson—who got his training at the U.S. School of the Americas. The Salvadoran death squads and the military were responsible for the deaths of over 75,000 people. This U.S.-backed violence and terror against the people, along with the conditions of poverty and desperation created by U.S. domination, forced a quarter of the entire population to flee El Salvador to neighboring countries. At least 500,000 Salvadorans made the dangerous journey across Mexico and into the U.S. as undocumented refugees. They went to major cities, from Chicago to New York and San Francisco, but especially Los Angeles. A former MS-13 member said that many Salvadoran youths arrived in the U.S. having witnessed an incredible level of violent atrocities carried out by the U.S.-trained and -led death squads. An expert on gangs, explained that Salvadoran youths “formed a group because they were being ostracized by the predominantly Chicano community. They were marginalized, and they formed MS to protect themselves.” In 2017, MS-13 had a presence in cities all over the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and throughout Central America. It was estimated that there were 10,000 members of MS-13 in the U.S. and 60,000 in other countries.
1. Translate the text aurally on the spot.

2. Find the Russian equivalents of the following.

1) a U.S.-backed military coup, 2) a decade-long civil war, 3) the massive terror by the death squads, 4) an undocumented refugee, 5) to be ostracized by the predominantly Chicano community. 3. Answer the questions about the text in writing.

1) Who backed the 1979 military coup in El Salvador?

2) Who led Salvador death squads after the coup?

3) Where did Roberto D’Abuisson get his training?

4) What was MS-13 estimated number in the US?

5) How many Salvadorians emigrated to neighboring countries?

6) Why did Salvadorian youth form MS-13 in America?

4. Translate into English aurally. 1) Основой господствующих в Сальвадоре 14 семей всегда была военная хунта. 2) В 1930-1980 годах власть в Сальвадоре была в руках военных диктаторов, поддерживаемых американскими спецслужбами. 3) После проведенного весной 1980 г. очередного военного переворота более 30000 людей были убиты. 4) Отряды смерти для устрашения населения оставляли на дорогах убитых людей, запрещая их хоронить. 5) Операция «Кентавр» предусматривала уничтожение 200-300 тысяч сальвадорцев. 6) Американские инструкторы обучали солдат сальвадорской хунты тактике борьбы с партизанами и методам применения оружия, поставляемого США. 7) Партизанская война антиамериканских сил в Сальвадоре против хунты продолжалась в 1979 - 1992 годах, когда погибли более 75 тыс. граждан и были убиты 20 советников США и сотрудников ЦРУ. 8) Кандидат Фронта национального освобождения имени Фарабундо Марти на президентских выборах в Сальвадоре смог победить проамериканского кандидата лишь в 2009 году.

EU has supported ISIS from the very beginning https://friendsofsyria.wordpress.com/2017/02/08/european-union-has-supported-isis-from-the-very-beginning-claims-syrian-president/

Syrian leader al-Assad insisted that EU member states were actually supporting ISIS and other terrorist groups as part of their “humanitarian” efforts. He accused Europe of being politically weak and following their “masters" in the United States. Speaking to Belgian broadcaster VRT in Damascus, the President al-Assad said: “The EU is supporting terrorists in Syria from the very beginning. Under different titles: humanitarians, moderates and so on. Actually, they were supporting al-Nusra (al-Qaeda in Syria) and ISIS from the very beginning. They were extremists from the very beginning, so they cannot destroy and build at the same time.” Western coalition have sided with some Syrian rebel factions during the bloody war, which has raged for over six years, providing them with air support. More than 450,000 people have been killed and 11 million others displaced since the start of the war against the Syrian government, who are now supported by Russia in their own fight against ISIS. President al-Assad insisted that EU nations in Syria were no more than puppets to their “masters” in America, as he continued his rant against foreign intervention in his country. He added: “If you ask any Syrian the same question, he will tell you, «No, we don’t accept [EU involvement], those countries supported the people who destroyed our country. We don’t want them here. That’s what I think. The Europeans don’t exist politically, they only follow the master, which is the Americans. So, the question should be about the Americans, and the Europeans will follow and will implement what the Americans want. They don’t exist as independent states». Al-Assad praised a Syria-Russian alliance and said he was willing to set aside any differences between his country and Vladimir Putin to put an end to ISIS.

1. Find the Russian equivalents of the following.

1) Europe is politically weak and is following its “masters" in the United States, 2) the Western coalition have sided with Syrian rebel factions, 3) the Europeans don’t exist politically. 2. Answer the questions about the text in writing.

1) When did EU countries begin supporting ISIS war in Syria?

2) Where did Syrian president make his interview?

3) What was the number of displaced because of the Syrian war in 2011-2017?

4) Why did Syrian president think the EU countries follow their American master?

3. Translate the text aurally.

4. Do you agree with President a-Assad`s statement: «The Europeans don’t exist politically, they only follow the master, which is the Americans». Present aurally your point of view. Summarize the main point in 4-6 sentences.

5. Translate into English aurally. 1) Бывший премьер-министр Катара Хамад бин Джассим бин Джабр Аль-Тани в интервью телевидению Катара 25.10.2017 г. заявил, что ЦРУ с 2011 года руководило войной в Сирии. 2) Американские офицеры руководили военными операциями на севере Сирии с американской базы Инджирлик в Турции. 3) Американцы руководили войной на юге Сирии с базы Хуссейн в Иордании. 4) Премьер Катара сказал, что ЦРУ в 2007-2016 годах направило через Саудовскую Аравию на войну в Сирии 137 млрд. долларов. 5) Аль-Тани заявил, что Аль-Кайду в Сирии (Джабхат ан-Нусра) с 2011 одновременно тайно поддерживали США и их союзники: Турция, Саудовская Аравия и Катар. 6) Аль-Тани сказал, что Катар, Саудовская Аравия и США в начале войны в Сирии «были в одном окопе». 7) Бывший премьер дал понять, что у Катара есть все документы, подтверждающие, что целью войны ЦРУ была смена режима в Сирии. 8) Интервью Аль-Тани стало его ответом на обвинение США, что Катар поддерживает терроризм. 9)  В 2014 г. взломанная хакерами почта госсекретаря США Хиллари Клинтон  предоставила доказательство, что Катар договорился с США финансировать войну Исламского государства.

6. Write a paper of 130-150 words on Washington`s geopolitical objective to overthrow the Syrian government with a CIA covered war and ISIS in 2011-2017. Use any source of information to present your point of view.

Penalties and Liquidated Damages.

Customs Administrative Enforcement Process: Fines, Penalties, Forfeitures and Liquidated Damages. - Washington, 2004.

Where a certain gross sum of money is reserved, in an agreement, to be paid in case of the non-performance of an agreement, it is generally to be considered as a penalty, the legal operation of which is, not to create a forfeiture of that entire sum, but only to cover the actual damages occasioned by the breach of contract. Liquidated damages (LD) are a useful contracting tool in commercial agreements, but there is a danger that, if they are not considered properly or drafted correctly, they may be construed as a 'penalty clause', and therefore unenforceable under English law. LDs are often payable where there is a delay in delivery or completion of a particular service, or where a service fails to meet certain specified targets. In order for an LD cause to be enforceable (rather than being a penalty), the sum payable upon breach must be a genuine pre-estimate of the loss the innocent party would suffer in respect of that breach. If the intention of the LD is to threaten the guilty party into performance (rather than to compensate the innocent party), it is likely to be seen as a penalty. Although each case is decided on its facts, there are a number of guiding principles to be taken into account when drafting an LD clause, including:

avoid specifying sums payable upon breach which are so high that they cannot be seen as commercially justifiable or a genuine pre-estimate of loss; different types of breach should generally attract payment of different sums in order to be regarded in each case as a genuine pre-estimate of loss; if the primary obligation is payment of a particular sum, then breach of this clause should not usually give rise to a 'penalty' payment of a much higher sum; keep your calculations to show you have tried to assess likely damage for a particular breach;

include contractual wording to say that the parties agree that the sum is a genuine pre-estimate of loss and not a penalty (although not decisive, this kind of wording can at least be persuasive to the courts);

if drafting a take or pay clause, consider whether the specified sum is commercially justifiable, in the light of the High Court's recent judgments stating that such clauses are subject to the rule against penalties.

19 U.S.C. provides for penalties against any person who:

- by fraud (i.e., voluntarily and intentionally), gross negligence (i.e., with actual knowledge or wanton disregard), or negligence (i.e., fails to exercise reasonable care),

- enters or introduces (or attempts to enter or introduce) any merchandise into the commerce of the U.S.,

- by means of any document or electronically transmitted data or information, written or oral statement, or act which is material and false, or any omission which is material (i.e., the falsity has the potential to alter the classification, appraisement, or admissibility of merchandise, or the liability for duty or if it tends to conceal an unfair trade practice under the antidumping, countervailing duty or similar statute, or an unfair act involving patent or copyright infringement).

19 U.S.C., Section 1592 provides for the assessment of penalties against the alleged violator at a maximum of:

the domestic value of the merchandise in the case of fraud violations;

four times the loss of lawful duties, taxes, and fees deprived the government, or the domestic value or, if the violation did not affect the assessment of duties 40% of the dutiable value if the violation did not affect the assessment of duties (but in no case to exceed the domestic value of the merchandise), in the case of gross negligence violations; and two times the loss of lawful duties, taxes, and fees deprived the government or 20% of the dutiable value if the violation did not affect the assessment of duties (but in no case to exceed the domestic value of the merchandise), in the case of negligence violations. Pursuant to 19 U.S.C. 1592(d), Customs also may issue duty demand claims, in addition to penalties, for violations of section 19 U.S.C. 1592(a), which have resulted in the loss of lawful duties. The FPFO issues notice to any person liable for payment of the actual duties (e.g., the violator, the importer or, if unable to pay, the surety).

Broker Penalties (19 U.S.C. 1641)

Generally, Customs will assess penalties against customs brokers (i.e., those licensed to transact customs business on behalf of others) up to a maximum of $30,000 for the violations included in any one penalty notice. Customs may issue penalties or may revoke or suspend a broker's license or permit for violations of the broker’s statutory or regulatory responsibility. These include: сases in which a customs broker: made a material false or misleading statement or omitted a material fact in connection with any license or permit application or report filed with Customs; in the course of business, with intent to defraud, willfully and knowingly deceived, misled, or threatened any client or prospective client.

1. Find the Russian equivalents of the following.

1) the non-performance of an agreement, 2) the breach of contract, 3) a delay in delivery or completion of a particular service, 4) to threaten the guilty party into performance, 5) drafting a take or pay clause, 6) to transact customs business on behalf of others.

2. Answer the questions about the text in writing.

1) What is generally considered as a penalty?

2) What is considered to be an unfair trade practice?

3) What sum of money is considered maximum penalties against customs brokers (i.e., those licensed to transact customs business on behalf of others)?

4) What are the unenforceable liquidated damages under English law?

3. Translate the text aurally.
Top numbers that explain politics in 2016


Below is a look at the top numbers that dominated the political news in 2016.

# 1 story: November 8, 2016 the Rise of the U.S. Silent Majority.

My father was a member of the Silent Majority and had he been alive he would’ve cast his vote for Donald J. Trump. He would’ve been one of those people Hillary Clinton called a "deplorable." I’ve lived in New York City for more than a decade now – and I’ve seen firsthand the contempt for country folks like my father – people from rural America. As it is written in the book, “The Deplorables’ Guide to Making America Great Again,” I feel like a "Duck Dynasty" guy living in a "Modern Family" world – where right is wrong, wrong is right – it’s as if our values have been turned upside down. President Obama called us "bitter." He said we were the kinds of people who cling to guns and religion. Time and time again he stood on foreign soil and apologized for our nation. And to this day it remains unclear whether he believes the United States is the most exceptional nation on Earth. And how can we forget what Miss Hillary said? "To just be grossly generalistic, you can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the 'basket of deplorables. Right? Racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, you name it." The only thing deplorable was Hillary Clinton's basket of grossly generalistic comments. "And unfortunately, there are people like that and he has lifted them up," she went on to say. "He has given voice to their websites that used to only have 11,000 people, now have 11 million. He tweets and retweets offensive, hateful, mean-spirited rhetoric." Her campaign portrayed conservative Catholicism as a “bastardization of the faith” and seemed to imply that Evangelicals are a bunch of impoverished country bumpkins. We were mocked by Hollywood and dismissed by academics. We were marginalized by the media – bullied and belittled by sex and gender revolutionaries. But all that changed on Election Day – when Donald Trump became a champion for the Silent Majority. He gave us a voice. And now the Silent Majority is silent no more. We the People have decided that it’s time to drain the swamp. It’s time to restore traditional values. It’s time to protect the Constitution. It’s time to defend our sovereignty. It’s time to save unborn babies. It’s time to stand up for the American working man (and woman) and bring jobs back from China and Mexico. It’s time to eradicate the scourge of ObamaCare.

3: Number of key “blue wall,” Rust belt battleground states: Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. In the end, these states cost the Democratic party the 2016 election.

5: Number of times in American history that the winner of the popular vote has lost the Electoral College. It happened in 2016 when Clinton was awarded 2.8 million votes more than Trump, but lost the Electoral College (304-227). Prior to that it had only happened four times in U.S. history: 1824 (Jackson v. Adams), 1876 (Tilden v. Hayes), 1888 (Cleveland v. Harrison), and 2000 (Gore v. Bush).

51.9: Percent of Britons who voted in June to leave the European Union. The inexorable outcome of the Brexit vote which resulted in the resignation of a British Prime Minister, and astounded pundits and prognosticators who, up until the results were announced, were convinced that “stay” would win the day.

309: Number of people arrested for protesting against police shootings of black men in late August. The protests erupted in cities across the country in response to the killings, one day apart, of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. Days later, a gunman killed five police officers at a Black Lives Matter rally. Officers were also subject to attack at rallies in Tennessee, Missouri, and Georgia. These incidents renewed the debate across the nation over police-community relations, policing practices, and the Black Lives Matter movement.

1,000: Number of times Media discredit Donald Trump, repeating his words «Grab them by the p###y».

6,500: Number of Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta’s hacked emails were released by WikiLeaks as of mid - October. The emails revealed some embarrassing information about the party and led to the resignation of its Chairwoman, Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The CIA and Obama administration claim that Russia, in an attempt to throw the election to Trump, was behind the hacking. As of late December, some key Republicans in the Senate have joined Democrats in calling for an investigation and the Obama administration has vowed to retaliate.

33,000: Number of emails Clinton was accused of having destroyed (by Trump and others) after receiving a subpoena. The FBI investigated Clinton’s use of a private email server during her time as Secretary of State. Director James Comey was critical of Clinton’s use of the server but during the summer said he would not recommend pursuing criminal charges. Months later and just 12 days before the election, Comey sent a letter to Congress stating they had discovered more emails that were potentially relevant to the investigation. Despite later clearing her once again, after the election many Democrats saw this as critical to her loss.

400,000: Number of casualties in the Syrian War as estimated by Arab League Envoy to Syria. Other estimates range from as low as 312,000 to as high as 470,000 – this includes civilians, women, children, rebels, and government forces. As of late December, the Syrian government had recaptured all of Aleppo from the rebels, their biggest victory of the almost 6-year civil war. Days later Syria agreed to a cease fire brokered by Russia and Turkey, the first since a cease fire in September which collapsed after a week.

18.1 Million: Number of people who follow @realDonaldTrump on Twitter. As both, a candidate and now president-elect, over the last year, Trump has redefined what it means to go over the head of the press and to reach people directly. After the election, he credited Twitter with helping lead him to victory and described it as “tremendous, it’s a modern form of communication. There should be nothing we should be ashamed of.”

6.9 Billion: Estimated total cost of the 2016 election for both Congress and the presidency. This makes it the most expensive race in American history. In the race for the Presidency alone, the election cost approximately $2,651 billion. However, money didn’t rule the day, Clinton outspent Trump almost two-to-one only to go on to lose the election.
1. Translate the text from English into Russian aurally on the spot beginning with the words «# 1 story: November 8, 2016» and ending with the words «to eradicate the scourge of ObamaCare».

2. Find the Russian equivalents of the following.

1) the contempt for country folks – people from rural America, 2) the values are turned upside down, 3) the kinds of people who cling to guns and religion, 4) the most exceptional nation on Earth, 5) the 'basket of deplorables - racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, 6) Catholicism is a “bastardization of the faith”, 7) sex and gender revolutionaries, 8) it’s time to drain the swamp, 9) bring jobs back to the US from China and Mexico, 10) “blue wall,” Rust belt states: Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, 11) to go over the head of the press and to reach people directly. 3. Answer the questions about the text in writing.

1) What is the meaning of the words «silent majority»?

2) What was the goal of re-establishing the US embassy in Habana?

3) What were the 2011-2016 Syrian war casualties?

4) What was the number of Americans who followed Donald Trump in Twitter?

5) What was estimated total cost of the 2016 election for both congress and the presidency?

6) What were the consequences of hacked John Podesta`s emails release by Wikileaks?

7) What was the modern form of communication in the 2016 presidential race?

4. Translate the text aurally.

5. Translate into English aurally. 1) Американские спецслужбы обвинили российских хакеров в краже данных из сервера демократической партии и передаче их Викиликс для дискредитации Хиллари Клинтон и помощи Д. Трампу на выборах. 2) Противники Д. Трампа заставили его советника по национальной безопасности Майкла Флинна подать в отставку, обвинив его в секретных контактах с российским послом. 3) Против М. Флинна возбудили уголовное дело и заставили его пойти на сделку со следствием, чтобы избежать тюремного срока продолжительностью 1,5 года. 4) Главу предвыборного штаба Д. Трампа пытались обвинить в получении денег от российских спецслужб, что привело к его обвинению судом по статьям о государственной измене, неинформировании властей о лоббистской деятельности, о неуплате налогов с доходов.

6. Translate the text in writing beginning with the words «400,000: Number of casualties» and ending with the words «to go on to lose the election».

7. Present aurally the general idea of the text in 4-6 sentences. 8. Write the text`s summary and its 5 key words in English. 9. Write a paper of 130-150 words on the silent majority phenomenon in the US. Do you agree with the author`s substantiation that Trump represented the US Silent Majority? Why and why not? Use any source of information to present your point of view.

10. Voice your opinion on the following issue. Do you agree with the author`s substantiation: «The CIA and Obama administration claim that Russia, in an attempt to throw the election to Trump, was behind the hacking»? Summarize the main point in 5-7 sentences.
What a Donald Trump presidency might actually look like

Los Angeles Times, February 28, 2016

President Trump. A lot of people have trouble putting those two words together. "I don't even want to get into that. ... God," said John H. Sununu, who was White House chief of staff under President George H.W. Bush. "I don't even want to be in a story that has that assumption in it." The assumption can't be brushed aside, however. If elected, Trump would take office after what amounts to a hostile takeover of the Republican Party and over the opposition of Democrats. He probably would not be able to count on much support from either side on Capitol Hill. That would mean trouble for his promises to build a wall along the Mexican border or to round up and deport the roughly 11 million people currently in the U.S. without legal authorization. Both would require Congress to approve billions of dollars in new appropriations even if Trump could pressure the Mexican government into reimbursing the U.S. for the cost of the wall, which Mexico says it won't consider.

On foreign policy, President Trump would face a different set of constraints — other countries. Japan, Germany and South Korea pay much of the cost of keeping U.S. troops in their countries, so stationing forces in Japan costs only about 10% more than keeping them in rural Texas, said Schake, a research fellow at Stanford's Hoover Institution.

Trump promises go far beyond what a president can do. A staple of Trump's recent stump speeches, for example, has been to criticize Carrier Corp., a unit of United Technologies Corp., for its plan to move two air-conditioner manufacturing plants from Indiana to Mexico, which he said would cost 1,400 U.S. jobs. "If I'm the president, here's what we do," Trump told about 5,000 people at a recent rally at a casino resort in Las Vegas. "We write them a little note — we congratulate them on their move; we hope it goes well." "And we tell them the following. We tell them that every time you make an air-conditioning unit, and every time you send that unit into the United States, you're going to pay a 35% tax." A long, sustained roar of cheers filled the arena. But the president has no power to impose taxes, and retaliatory tariffs can only be applied in specific circumstances defined by complex laws and regulations. Congress has rejected far milder proposals to retaliate against companies that move manufacturing jobs overseas. Republicans in particular have opposed such ideas, which might preserve thousands of manufacturing jobs, but would also immediately and sharply raise costs for millions of U.S. consumers. That example points to a problem that could quickly trouble a Trump presidency.

"You have to tell people 'no' all the time" in government, said Rob Stutzman, a Sacramento-based political consultant who worked as a top advisor to another larger-than-life figure, former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, and who backs Rubio. "It ultimately is a business where you disappoint people." That fact hits all presidents, eroding their popularity over time, but it might particularly affect Trump because he has built his campaign around personal dynamism and promises that few think possible to fulfill. "There's never going to be a wall. Mexico is not paying for anything. Apple's not building iPhones in the United States," said Stutzman. "My guess is he'll hire very well — hire very capable people — and he'll take their counsel, but then I think he finds himself in a difficult position of trying to sustain political capital because he'll have to start explaining why he can't."

1. Find the Russian equivalents of the following.

1) to move manufacturing jobs overseas, 2) a larger-than-life figure - Arnold Schwarzenegger, 3) "Being a President is ultimately a business where you disappoint people." 4) try to sustain political capital. 2. Answer the questions about the text in writing.

1)What was considered to be a hostile takeover of an office in 2017?

2)Why did a lot of Americans have trouble putting together two words «Donald Trump»?

4) Did Trump receive support of the Congress in allocation billions of dollars to deport 11 million illegal immigrants from the US?

5) Why did Trump build his campaign for presidency around promises impossible to fulfill?

6) Did Obama give impossible to fulfill promises in 2007 campaign?

7) Why was it impossible for President Trump to make the Apple corporation build iPhones in the US?

8) Did Trump start to explain why he can't?

3. Translate the text aurally.

4. Translate the text in writing beginning with the words «You have to tell people 'no' all the time» and ending with the words «he'll have to start explaining why he can't».

5. Translate into English aurally. 1) Факты свидетельствовали, что Д. Трамп в первое десятилетие ХХ века восемь лет был зарегистрирован, как демократ. 2) Д. Трамп 16 июня 2015 г. объявил, что он будет добиваться своего выдвижения кандидатом на пост президента от республиканской партии. 3) Предвыборные речи Д. Трампа в основном имели цель дискредитировать администрацию Б. Обамы, были основаны на негативной повестке и касались таких тем, как незаконная эмиграция, терроризм и утрата рабочих мест. 4) Д. Трамп одновременно был богатым бизнесменом, шоуменом, строителем объектов недвижимости и президентом США.

6. Present aurally the general idea of the text in 4-6 sentences. 7. Write the text`s summary and its 5 key words in English.

Celebrities Against Donald Trump


"Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling told her fans on Twitter that she thinks Trump is worse than Voldemort. "How horrible," she wrote, sharing an article about people comparing the presidential candidate to the villain. "Voldemort was nowhere near as bad." Actor and New Yorker Robert De Niro has made his opinions on Donald Trump pretty clear. He spoke publicly about his stance on Trump at the 22nd Sarajevo Film Festival on August 13, 2016 calling the presidential candidate "totally nuts." "It's crazy that people like Donald Trump . . . he shouldn't even be where he is, so God help us," de Niro said. He has also spoken in favor of Hillary Clinton. In April 2015, he told The Daily Beast that Hillary Clinton has "earned the right to be president." In a statement following the release of a video of Trump speaking offensively about women in 2005, Arnold Schwarzenegger said he will not vote for the Republican nominee. "As proud as I am to label myself a Republican, there is one label I hold above all else -- American," he said. "So, I want to take a moment today to remind my fellow Republicans that it is not only acceptable to choose your country over your party -- it is your duty. «In an interview with the Evening Standard, published in March 2016, actor Richard Gere said Trump is "a guy who's obviously Mussolini." "He's finding villains everywhere and then telling people he'll get rid of them," Gere said. "We'll get rid of the Jews, the blacks. Anyone that we perceive as a problem, we'll get rid of. This is how it starts. Intelligent people aren't seeing this -- don't make the mistake of thinking it's just idiots who are backing Trump -- this kind of thinking is a slippery slope. «The 58-year-old pop icon Madonna reaffirmed her pro-Hillary stance in 2016 via a controversial photo of Trump’s eldest sons. In a post to her 7.8 million Instagram followers, Madonna shared an image of Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump smiling whilst holding a leopard carcass. She captioned the photo, which dates back to a big game safari trip to Zimbabwe in 2011, “How Big of. [a] P*ssy Do you have to BE to kill this Noble Animal for sport? Just ask Donald Trump Jr and his brother Eric. One more reason to vote for [Hillary]!” On January 21, 2017 Madonna railed against the Trump administration at the Women’s March on Washington and confessed during her profanity-laced speech that’s she’s been thinking about “blowing up the White House.” “Yes, I’m angry. Yes, I’m outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House, but I know that this won’t change anything,” Madonna told the crowd to roaring applause.

1.Translate the text aurally on the spot.

2. Find the Russian equivalents of the following.

1) Trump is worse than Voldemort. 2) There is one label I hold above all else – American. 3) to choose your country over your party, 4) a video of Trump speaking offensively about women in 2005, 5) this kind of thinking is a slippery slope, 6) a big game safari trip, 7) a profanity-laced speech. 3. Answer the questions about the text in writing.

1) Why did the UK citizen J.K. Rowling join the US president race propaganda campaign?

2) Was it polite to call Donald Trump «totally nuts» at the Sarajevo Film Festival?

3) Why did Richard Gere call Donald Trump «Mussolini»?

4) How many followers did pop icon Madonna have in Instagram?

5) What is the meaning of the words «profanity-laced speech»?

6) Did pop icons opposition to Trump have effect in 2016 presidential campaign?

7) Why did Madonna make a speech against Trump on a mass rally in Washington after his election?

4. Translate into English aurally. 1) Предвыборный штаб демократов пытался манипулировать избирателями с помощью платного привлечения популярных актеров Голливуда, писателей и певцов к участию в информационной войне против Д. Трампа. 2) Чтобы подорвать авторитет Д. Трампа, СМИ демократов провели информационную кампанию с обвинением его в аморальном отношении к женщинам. 3) Подкупленные службы опроса общественного мнения и СМИ демократов публиковали фальшивые результаты социологических опросов, которые говорили о неизбежной победе Хиллари Клинтон на выборах. 4) СМИ демократов изображали Д. Трампа расистом и ненавистником мексиканцев, чтобы побудить афроамериканцев и испаноязычных избирателей голосовали за Хилари Клинтон.

5. Write a paper of 130-150 words on the J.K. Rowling and Madonna`s Twitter comments to manipulate the US citizens` opinion in favor of their presidential candidate. Were the "Harry Potter" author and other celebrities being paid? Use any source of information to present your point of view.

Congratulations, Trump. Welcome to hell.

Washington Post, December 20, 2016

Dear Mr. Trump,

You won. Welcome to hell. And to think, I thought you’d become president when hell froze over. Now that the election is finally behind us, may I ask a tiny question: Why did you want this job? Was it on your bucket list? After so many square miles of golf courses, trophy wives, gilt mirrors and crystal chandeliers, was there nothing left to mess with? I wasn’t surprised, by the way, when you said you’d spend half your time in New York. I mean, it’s New York! And the White House is a tad bourgeois in an Epcot-y sort of way. All that marble, those heavy drapes and selecting new china. Why do we treat incoming presidents and first ladies like they just got married? And who needs a balcony overlooking the Mall when you’ve got a four-corner office in your tower overlooking Fifth Avenue? Don’t worry about all the whining from New York Mayor Bill de Blasio about the high cost of security. It’s just like a Democrat to want the feds to pay for it, right? All de Blasio has to do is tax facelifts on the Upper East Side and he can build a Trump Armory. Anyway, I’m writing to say congrats, despite my having done everything in my limited power to block you. When I wrote column after column about why you were unfitted to be president and wouldn’t do half of what you were promising, I was serious. And, of course, I was right. But being a businessman, you know how we say things. It’s not personal. It’s not like you were waking up to a dead chicken in your bed. Besides, I’m pretty sure you didn’t care when I (and many others) called you a con man, a carnival barker, a bully and a snake oil salesman. Admit it. You were thinking: So, what? I’m winning! And so, you did. Win. The reason I knew you wouldn’t do most of what you promised is, one, my BS detector is from the same Queens DNA as yours (via my paternal grandmother, who was quite a dame, by the way). Two, you logically or legally can’t do much of it. Three, you’ re Donald Trump, which is synonymous with “whatever works.” So, the anger was a ruse. The promises were slogans. The nasty rhetoric was juice for the base. Not your best moment, Mr. President-elect. And, frankly, not your best timing. You may have missed the coincidence, but the very day that the electoral college officially affirmed your victory, the world exploded.

One after another, whether connected or not, possible terrorists staged attacks in three countries. In Ankara, a Turkish police officer assassinated Russia’s ambassador to Turkey, shouting, “Don’t forget Aleppo.” In Berlin, a commercial truck crashed through the Christmas market, killing at least a dozen people and injuring dozens more. In Zurich, a gunman entered a Muslim prayer center attended mostly by Somalis and opened fire, wounding at least three people. Naturally, you immediately characterized the attack in Ankara as being perpetrated by a “radical Islamic terrorist,” which may be likely given his shout of “Allahu akbar,” the Arabic phrase for “God is great,” but you do realize that as president, you’re going to have to wait for the facts before commenting? Meanwhile, cue media, the assassination is being characterized as a prompt for the United States and Russia to form an alliance in the fight against terrorism. Voila. Just what you and Russian President Vladimir Putin have been angling for. Anyway, you can now start hanging with Putin. Just don’t look into his eyes, which, apparently, can make you think he has a soul. (It’s an old KGB trick.) You’ll have to figure out how to handle the Vlad and his other pal, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, since the two of them have been mass-murdering the very same people of Aleppo invoked by the assassin. I’m not feeling the love triangle here, but you’re the magician. Maybe you can convince them that it’s better to kill terrorists than children. Maybe you and Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim can cut an immigration deal and build a succulent, spiny hedge along the southern border. And just maybe, you and China can renegotiate a trade deal — maybe swap a few resorts for Smithfield Foods, Ingram Micro, General Electric’s appliance business, to name a few of the top U.S. companies that Chinese firms now own. Good luck with all that. As I said, welcome to hell. And, since you’ve said it’s okay, Merry Christmas. (P.S. Stop tweeting!) Peace/KP

1. Translate the text aurally on the spot.

2. Find the Russian equivalents of the following.

1) when hell froze over, 2) Was it on your bucket list? 3) Was there nothing left to mess with? 4) The White House is a tad bourgeois in an Epcot-y sort of way. 5) a tax facelifts on the Upper East Side, 6) It’s not like you were waking up to a dead chicken in your bed. 7)

a con man, a carnival barker, a bully and a snake oil salesman, 8) my B(ull) S(hit) detector is from the same Queens DNA as yours, 9) The promises were slogans. 10) to wait for the facts before commenting, 11) to build a succulent, spiny hedge along the southern border, 12) You and China can renegotiate a trade deal — maybe swap a few resorts.

3. Answer the questions about the text in writing.

1) Why did a Washington Post journalist think Trump was unfit to be a president?

2) Was it prestigious for an American man to have a trophy wife?

3) Why do Americans treat incoming presidents and first ladies like they just got married? 4) Why did Trump have queen DNA?

5) Why did Washington Post journalist say that the world exploded after Trump`s victory official affirmation?

6) Why did liberals explode after Trump victory?

7) Why did liberals consider the White House to be bourgeois in an Epcot-y sort of way?

4. Translate into English aurally. 1) Владельцы газет Нью-Йорк Таймс, Вашингтон Пост и корпорации Си-Эн-Эн вели информационную войну против Д. Трампа во время предвыборной гонки и после его избрания президентом. 2) Журналисты демократических СМИ изображали Д. Трампа глупым, неуравновешенным, сумасшедшим человеком, некомпетентным в государственном управлении. 3) Демократические СМИ пытались вызвать у избирателей отрицательное отношение к Трампу сведениями о позорном прошлом его молодой жены, которая якобы фотографировалась для порнографических изданий. 4) СМИ демократов создавали у американцев мнение о несамостоятельности Д. Трампа, его полной зависимости от мнения Стива Бэннона, который занимал должность главного стратега президентской администрации.

5. Present aurally the general idea of the text in 4-6 sentences. 6. Write the text`s summary and its 5 key words in English.

Why I’m Not Afraid of Baby Donald

http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2017/02/.... -214753


President Trump isn’t a tyrant in the making. He’s just a toddler throwing a tantrum. Now ensconced in the White House after 16 months on the hustings, President Donald Trump has taken his rollicking campaign into places that were designed to remain apolitical. On January 21, he stood before the Central Intelligence Agency’s Memorial Wall to give a stump speech, not unlike the many delivered in 2015 and 2016. The difference here was that Trump was courting the CIA, flattering them with the depth of his new adoration. “I want to say that there is nobody that feels stronger about the intelligence community and the CIA than Donald Trump. There’s nobody,” Trump said. He also used the occasion to inflate the size of the audience at his inaugural address and presumptuously assumed that “almost everybody in this room voted” for him. This posturing took a lot of gall, especially considering how he trash-talked the CIA as recently as December 2016. On February 6, Trump visited U.S. Central Command in Tampa to romance the military. Attacking the press — accusing it of underreporting terrorist attacks, of all things! — he pandered to the men and women in uniform. “We stand behind you. We support your mission. We love our country. We are loyal to our people. We respect our flag. We celebrate our traditions. We honor our heroes. You are our heroes,” he said. Does anybody remember that he ripped the military all campaign long while his campaign simultaneously importuned retired generals for their endorsements?

1. Translate the text aurally on the spot.

2. Find the Russian equivalents of the following.

1) a tyrant in the making, 2) to give a stump speech, 3) Trump trash-talked the CIA, 4) to romance the military, 5) a toddler throwing a tantrum. 3. Answer the questions about the text in writing.

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