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1) Why did an American journalist call the US president «baby Donald»?

2) Why did Donald Trump flatter the CIA on January 21, 2017?

3) Where is the CIA Memorial Wall situated?

4) How many services were in the intelligence community in 2017? 5) Why did Trump attack the American press in Tampa, FL?

4. Translate into English aurally. 1) Д. Трамп после избрания президентом полностью изменил темы своих речей. 2) У Трампа была целая армия платных представителей для общения с прессой, работников служб связи с общественностью и экспертов паблик рилейшнз, которые работали над оформлением текстов речей хозяина Белого дома. 3) Президент Д. Трамп в речах многократно выражал уважение к женам военнослужащих, которые разделяли со своими мужьями тяготы военной службы. 4) Лишь однажды после избрания президентом Д. Трамп 28.2.2017 г. говорил о плохом состоянии экономики США, а затем он стал повторять в речах два постулата о рекордном росте фондового рынка США и об увеличении количества рабочих мест.

President Trump Addressed Congress. February 28, 2017 http://time.com/4686621/trump-congress-address-transcript/
“Tonight, as I outline the next steps we must take as a country, we must honestly acknowledge the circumstances we inherited. 94 million Americans are out of the labor force. Over 43 million people are now living in poverty, and over 43 million Americans are on food stamps. More than one in five people in their prime working years are not working. We have the worst financial recovery in 65 years. In the last 8 years, the past Administration has put on more new debt than nearly all other presidents combined. We’ve lost more than one fourth of our manufacturing jobs since NAFTA was approved, and we’ve lost 60,000 factories since China joined the World Trade Organization in 2001. Our trade deficit in goods with the world last year was nearly $800 billion dollars. And overseas, we have inherited a series of tragic foreign policy disasters. … Solving these, and so many other pressing problems, will require us to work past the differences of. ... It will require us to tap into the American spirit that has overcome every challenge throughout our long and storied history, but to accomplish our goals at home and abroad, we must restart the engine of the American economy, making it easier for companies to do business in the United States, and much harder for companies to leave. Right now, American companies are taxed at one of the highest rates anywhere in the world.… My economic team is developing historic tax reform that will reduce the tax rate on our companies so they can compete and thrive anywhere and with anyone. At the same time, we will provide massive tax relief for the middle class. We must create a level playing field for American companies and workers. Currently, when we ship products out of America, many other countries make us pay very high tariffs and taxes — but when foreign companies ship their products into America, we charge them almost nothing…. I just met with officials and workers from a great American company, Harley-Davidson. In fact, they proudly displayed five of their magnificent motorcycles, made in the USA, on the front lawn of the White House. At our meeting, I asked them, how are you doing, how is business? They said that it’s good. I asked them further how they are doing with other countries, mainly international sales. They told me — without even complaining because they have been mistreated for so long that they have become used to it — that it is very hard to do business with other countries because they tax our goods at such a high rate. They said that in one case another country taxed their motorcycles at 100 percent. They weren’t even asking for change. But I am. … I believe strongly in free trade but it also has to be fair trade. The first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, warned that the ‘abandonment of the protective policy by the American Government [will] produce want and ruin among our people.’ Lincoln was right, and it is time we heeded his words. I am not going to let America and its great companies and workers, be taken advantage of anymore.”

1. Find the Russian equivalents of the following.

1) over 43 million Americans are on food stamps, 2) people in their prime working years, 3) we have inherited a series of tragic foreign policy disasters, 4) to work past the differences of, 5) to create a level playing field for American companies. 2. Answer the questions about the text in writing.

1) How many Americans were on food stamps in 2017?

2) How many Americans were out of workforce in 2017?

3) What was the US government debt in 2017?

4) How many factories did the US lost since China joined the WTO?

5) Why did Trump want to implement the protective policy for American companies?

6) Why was one in five Americans in his prime working years not working?

3. Translate the text in writing.

4. Translate into English aurally. 1) Д. Трамп в предвыборных речах критиковал политику демократов, которая привела к 347 млрд. долларов дефицита США в торговле с КНР в 2016 г. и переводу 56 тыс. американских предприятий в КНР. 2) В ноябре 2017 г. Д. Трамп подписал в Пекине договоры на сумму 253 млрд. долларов, которые сохраняли дефицит американской торговли с Китаем. 3) Хотя в 2016 г. Д. Трамп публично обещал заставить американские компании вернуть рабочие места в США, однако у него не было власти сделать это. 4) Д. Трамп за год президентства выполнил только одно предвыборное обещание – приказал перевести американское посольство в Иерусалим.

5. Present aurally the general idea of the text in 4-6 sentences. 6. Write the text`s summary and its 5 key words in English. 7. Write a paper of 130-150 words on the economic paradox between the highest rise of the NY stock exchange index in 2017 and over 20 percent of Americans in their prime working years not working.

President Trump 2017 U.N. speech


«Mr. Secretary General, Mr. President, world leaders, and distinguished delegates: Welcome to New York. It is a profound honor to stand here in my home city, as a representative of the American people, to address the people of the world… …it has just been announced that we will be spending almost $700 billion on our military and defense. Our military will soon be the strongest it has ever been… In America, we do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone, but rather to let it shine as an example for everyone to watch…. We must protect our nations, their interests, and their futures. We must reject threats to sovereignty, from the Ukraine to the South China Sea…. The scourge of our planet today is a small group of rogue regimes that violate every principle on which the United Nations is based…. The actions of the criminal regime of Bashar al-Assad, including the use of chemical weapons against his own citizens -- even innocent children -- shock the conscience of every decent person. No society can be safe if banned chemical weapons are allowed to spread. That is why the United States carried out a missile strike on the airbase that launched the attack…. My administration recently announced that we will not lift sanctions on the Cuban government until it makes fundamental reforms. We have also imposed tough, calibrated sanctions on the socialist Maduro regime in Venezuela… The United States of America has been among the greatest forces for good in the history of the world, and the greatest defenders of sovereignty, security, and prosperity for all…. »

1. Translate the text aurally on the spot.

2. Find the Russian equivalents of the following.

1) American way of life is an example for everyone to watch. 2) to impose American way of life on everyone, 3) the scourge of our planet today is a small group of rogue regimes. 3. Answer the questions about the text in writing.

1) Why did the US president use the word «must» speaking about the need to defend Ukraine and South China Sea islands?

2) Why did Trump use the word «regime» to name Venezuela government?

3) What is an American way of life?

4) What countries were included in a «small group of rogue regimes»?

5) When did Washington begin sanctions against Cuba?

3. Translate into English aurally. 1) Д. Трамп в речи на генеральной ассамблее ООН запугивал иностранных лидеров большими военными расходами и мощью вооруженных сил США. 2) Контекст речи президента США показал, что он подразумевал Россию, когда говорил об «отвратительных режимах, которые нарушают принципы, на которых основана ООН». 3) Слова Д. Трампа о том, что «мы должны отражать угрозы суверенитету Украины» подразумевали решение администрации США поставлять на Украину летальное оружие. 4) Д. Трамп в речи лгал о том, что правительство Сирии якобы применяло химическое оружие против своих граждан, и это обвинение служило оправданием американской оккупации северных районов Сирии.

4. Write a paper of 130-150 words. Make a comment on the president Trump`s statement: «The United States of America has been among the greatest forces for good in the history of the world, and the greatest defenders of sovereignty, security, and prosperity for all».

4. Write a paper of 130-150 words on the American way of life. Was there any difference in the way of life of the 1 percent and the way of life of the 43 million living on food stamps?

President Trump speech. October 13, 2017 http://www.timesofisrael.com/full-text-of-president-trumps-remarks-on-the-iran-nuclear-deal/

«My fellow Americans: As President of the United States, my highest obligation is to ensure the safety and security of the American people. History has shown that the longer we ignore a threat, the more dangerous that threat becomes. For this reason, upon taking office, I’ve ordered a complete strategic review of our policy toward the rogue regime in Iran. That review is now complete. Today, I am announcing our strategy, along with several major steps we are taking to confront the Iranian regime’s hostile actions and to ensure that Iran never, and I mean never, acquires a nuclear weapon. Our policy is based on a clear-eyed assessment of the Iranian dictatorship, its sponsorship of terrorism, and its continuing aggression in the Middle East and all around the world…. So, today, in recognition of the increasing menace posed by Iran, and after extensive consultations with our allies, I am announcing a new strategy to address the full range of Iran’s destructive actions. First, we will work with our allies to counter the regime’s destabilizing activity and support for terrorist proxies in the region. Second, we will place additional sanctions on the regime to block their financing of terror. Third, we will address the regime’s proliferation of missiles and weapons that threaten its neighbors, global trade, and freedom of navigation. And finally, we will deny the regime all paths to a nuclear weapon. Today, I am also announcing several major steps my administration is taking in pursuit of this strategy. The execution of our strategy begins with the long-overdue step of imposing tough sanctions on Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. The Revolutionary Guard is the Iranian Supreme Leader’s corrupt personal terror force and militia. It has hijacked large portions of Iran’s economy and seized massive religious endowments to fund war and terror abroad. This includes arming the Syrian dictator, supplying proxies and partners with missiles and weapons to attack civilians in the region, and even plotting to bomb a popular restaurant right here in Washington, D.C. I am authorizing the Treasury Department to further sanction the entire Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps for its support for terrorism and to apply sanctions to its officials, agents, and affiliates. I urge our allies to join us in taking strong actions to curb Iran’s continued dangerous and destabilizing behavior, including thorough sanctions outside the Iran Deal that target the regime’s ballistic missile program, in support for terrorism, and all of its destructive activities, of which there are many».

1. Find the Russian equivalents of the following.

1) to confront the Iranian regime’s hostile actions, 2) to place additional sanctions on the regime, 3) a plot to bomb a popular restaurant right here in Washington, D.C., 4) dangerous and destabilizing behavior, 5) to ensure the safety and security of the American people. 2. Answer the questions about the text in writing.

1) What was the word Trump used to call the Iranian government?

2) What were the facts of Iranian aggression all around the world in 1979-2017?

3) What was the composition of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps?

4) Was it possible for the US Treasury Department to impose effective sanctions on Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps? 3. Translate the text aurally.

4. Translate into English. 1) Когда был свергнут шах, который проводил проамериканскую политику, США в 1979 году стали полагать Иран своим противником. 2) Спецслужбы США и Израиля в период правления шаха уничтожали его противников в Иране, поэтому новое иранское руководство разработало идеологию страны, в которой США и Израиль были названы «большой и малый Сатана». 3) В 2009 г. в начале президентского срока Б. Обама заявил, что во внешней политике США проблема Ирана будет ключевой. 4) При Дональде Трампе антииранская риторика в США усилилась.

Trump Plan to Hire 15,000 Border Patrol and ICE Agents


President Trump wants to hire 5,000 more Border Patrol agents and 10,000 more Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers to enforce his executive orders on immigration. It won`t be easy. Even if the process began today, it could take a year or more to bring a new agent on board. The Border Patrol is part of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), which enforces the law at the border. ICE officers enforce immigration and customs laws in the U.S. interior. The number of CBP agents doubled during the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations, from 10,000 to 21,000. But there were problems. New agents were rushed through training and into the field, some without completed background checks. The candidates have to undergo the polygraph exam. It excludes a higher percentage of candidates than at any other federal agency where polygraphs are used. The AP reported that 2 out of 3 applicants fail the exam. The test can run eight hours, Moran says, and "is excluding qualified candidates from being Border Patrol agents." James Tomsheck, former head of internal affairs at CBP, defends the test. He told NPR's Morning Edition it weeded out candidates who had criminal backgrounds and some would-be agents who were members of drug cartels that wanted to infiltrate CBP as spies. Tomsheck says there have been efforts to remove some questions from the exam, which he says "is beyond my comprehension." In the past, CBP has also had a problem retaining Border Patrol agents. The agency is now down some 1,600 agents from the 21,000 it's authorized for. Jay Ahern, a former CBP official now with the private security firm the Chertoff Group, says one problem is sending new recruits to distant outposts. "When you recruit somebody, let's say from Boston, and that person's gone through the six months of the hurdle [of the] hiring process, and you offer them a job in Del Rio, Texas and they realize what it's like when they get to Del Rio," Ahern says, they realize "this isn't what I expected it to be."

1. Find the Russian equivalents of the following.

1) to bring a new agent on board, 2) to enforce the law at the border, 3) to undergo the polygraph exam, 4) to weed out candidates who had criminal backgrounds, 5) to infiltrate Customs and Border Protection as spies. 2. Answer the questions about the text in writing.

1) Why did Border Patrol agents have to undergo polygraph exam? 2) Why did 66 percent of applicants fail the polygraph exam? 3) What were the objectives of drug cartel members in infiltrating CBR? 4) Was it worth the high wages to serve at a distant CBR outpost? 5) Can a 15,000 Border Patrol increase stop illegal immigration? 3. Translate the text aurally.

4. Translate into English. 1) В Америке постоянно находлись 11-13 миллионов нелегальных иммигрантов. 2) Нелегалы – это дешевая рабочая сила, поэтому бизнесмены заинтересована в них. 3) Согласно оценке Калифорнийского университета, около 45 % сельскохозяйственных рабочих в США являлись незаконно работающими иностранцами. 4) Мексиканцы проникали в США с помощью фиктивного вступления в брак, оставались в стране после истечения срока гостевой визы; нелегально пересекали границу по тайным туннелям, пешком или в тайниках автомобилей; скрывались в трюмах судов, которые следовали в порты США. 5) Штраф владельцу бизнеса за одного нанятого нелегального иммигранта составлял около 10000 долларов.
Trump’s Misplaced Wall

Counterpunch, January 27,2017

On January 25, 2017 President Trump signed an executive order and began to make good on his campaign promise to build a “big beautiful wall” along the as yet unwalled parts of the border with Mexico. But this epic project, which could cost as much as $25 billion according to some reports, is being put in the wrong location and, in any case, will be a complete waste of money anyhow in terms of deterring illegal immigration. As the Manchus famously proved in the case of China’s laughably ineffective Great Wall, a wall, while perhaps a great tourist attraction, is only as strong as the people behind it. After multiple successful raids across the wall, a Manchu army poured through a fortified gate, not by breaking it down but by bribing a rebel Ming warlord to open it for them so they could march on Beijing and finish off the Ming dynasty, establishing the Qing dynasty that lasted until the early 20th Century. Already, some 580 miles of the 2000-mile border between Mexico and the U.S. is fenced off, either with actual walls of various types from razor-wire-topped fences to fancier iron-grated structure, or by “virtual walls” of motion sensors and cameras. But despite these fences, desperate immigrants still cross at about pre-fence rate, either by tunneling, climbing or making a dash and hoping not to get caught before they can reach some urban center and melt into the crowd. There’s no reason to suspect that completing the wall across the whole of what used to be proudly called one of the world’s longest unguarded borders, would stop the flow of people seeking a better life for themselves and their families. Some will attempt to climb it risking death or serious injury. Others will burrow under it. Most, or course, as now, will just come to the U.S. legally on visitor visas and then just stay on, working, building a life, and hoping not to get caught and deported. Clearly, spending what could end up being as much as the entire budget of the State Department, Energy Department, the Department of Housing and Urban Development or two Departments of Interior to build a wall that will not work seems like a really dumb idea. But it’s actually much worse than that. The thing is, we really do need to be building walls in the U.S. It’s just that we don’t need to be building them on the Mexican border. Our coastal cities need them. As Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy demonstrated in New Orleans and in New York and northern New Jersey, climate change-induced sea level rise is threatening some of the country’s great cities, and unless the federal government starts working to build hugely expensive Dutch-style dikes and levees and surge gates to keep rising waters and storm surges at bay, hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of real estate and possibly tens of thousands of lives will be at risk.
1. Find the Russian equivalents of the following.

1) to sign an executive order, 2) to make good on the campaign promise, 3) to be a complete waste of money, 4) A wall is only as strong as the people behind it. 5) a really dumb idea. 2. Answer the questions about the text in writing.

1) What did Donald Trump call «a big beautiful wall»?

2) Why did some experts say that the US would build a wall that would not work?

3) What is the length of the border between Mexico and the U.S?

4) How many miles of the border between Mexico and the U.S. was fenced off in 1950-2017?

5) Why was China’s Great Wall ineffective?

6) Why does the saying go that the wall is only as strong as the people behind it?

3. Translate the text aurally.

4. Translate aurally into English. 1) Каждый из многочисленных БЛА Предатор патрулировал воздушное пространство над границей Мексики 12 часов в сутки на высоте около 5 800 метров. 2) В 2016 г. около миллиона человек перешли из Мексики в США нелегально, и было зафиксировано 350 млн. легальных пересечений границы. 3) В среднем на милю границы в 2015 году приходилось примерно четыре американских пограничника, но большинство из них работало в районах крупных населённых пунктов. 4) Конгресс США в декабре 2005 года решил строить стену на американо-мексиканской границе. 5) В 2000-2012 годах при попытке нелегально пересечь границу США погибли около 5 тыс. человек. 6) Через мексиканскую границу в США доставляли марихуану, кокаин и метамфетамины.

5. Present aurally the general idea of the text in 4-6 sentences. 6. Write the text`s summary and its 5 key words in English. 7. Write a paper of 130-150 words on the difference between the objective of the Chinese Great Wall construction and the US-Mexico border wall construction.

Ex-CIA Officer in Rendition Case is Released

NPR, March 1, 2017
A former officer for the Central Intelligence Agency, Sabrina De Sousa, was released from custody Wednesday after Italy's president granted her partial clemency over a 2003 kidnapping that was part of the agency's extraordinary rendition program. De Sousa was convicted in absentia — along with 25 other Americans — by an Italian court in the abduction of radical Egyptian cleric Abu Omar off a street in Milan. Several of those convicted have since been pardoned. As NPR has previously reported, De Sousa left the CIA in 2009 and moved to Portugal in 2015, where she was detained on a European arrest warrant. She was soon released but remained in Portugal. In 2016, Portugal's highest court ruled that De Sousa should be extradited to Italy. De Sousa was moments from stepping onto a plane to Italy when on February 28, President Sergio Mattarella announced his decision to reduce her four-year prison sentence by a year. NPR's Mary Louise Kelly reported that, now, De Sousa may not go to prison at all and could instead perform community service, although it is unclear in which country that would happen. "Peter Hoekstra, former chair of the House Intelligence Committee, has been in contact with De Sousa's husband and layers," she reported. Hoekstra told NPR that De Sousa had been held for nine days in Portugal before the Italian warrant for her arrest was lifted and that she was negotiating with Italian authorities about potentially doing community service in Portugal, where she lives with her family. The 2003 kidnapping with which De Sousa was charged was part of the CIA's extraordinary rendition program, under which the agency permitted its employees to seize people they suspected of ties to terrorist activity and fly them to be interrogated at CIA-controlled sites. But as NPR's Daniel Schorr put it in 2007, "European governments don't take kindly to kidnapping." Although De Sousa would have known about the program in her capacity as a CIA officer — she condemned the program as "totally counterproductive" in an interview with the BBC — she has maintained that she did not take part in the 2003 kidnapping. The man who was abducted, Abu Omar, was held at an American base in Germany before the U.S. government returned him to Egypt, where he said he was tortured but eventually released. In 2016, Omar told The Guardian that he didn't think De Sousa and the 25 other Americans convicted in Italy were the right people to blame for his kidnapping. "The U.S. administration sacrificed them," he told the newspaper. "All of those higher up in the hierarchy are enjoying their immunity. These people higher up, without doubt they should be convicted in this case. They should face trial».

1. Find the Russian equivalents of the following.

1) Italy's president granted a partial clemency, 2) the CIA extraordinary rendition program, 3) to be convicted in absentia, 4) to seize people and fly them to be interrogated at CIA-controlled sites in Germany and Egypt, 5) the U.S. administration should face trial for kidnapping.

2. Answer the questions about the text in writing.

1) Who was kidnapped by Americans off the street in Milan?

2) What was Sabrina De Sousa doing in Italy in 2003?

3) How many Americans were convicted in Italy for the Egyptian cleric abduction?

4) Was the extraordinary rendition program productive?

5) Did European governments approve the CIA abduction program?

6) Who sacrificed 25 Americans in 2016?

7) Who were enjoying immunity in Washington?

3. Translate the text aurally.

4. Present aurally the general idea of the text in 4-6 sentences. 5. Write the text`s summary and its 5 key words in English.

4. Translate aurally into English. 1) Специальная комиссия Европарламента 26.4.2006 г. представила доклад, что ЦРУ похищало в Европе людей. 2) Служба Евроконтрол (Eurocontrol) сообщила, что в 2002-2005 годах ЦРУ осуществило более тысячи секретных полетов в воздушном пространстве ЕС.

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