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    Festival of languages


    I: If there is light in the soul,

    There will be beauty in the person.

    II: If there is beauty in the person,

    There will be harmony in the house.

    I: If there is harmony in the house,

    There will be order in the nation.

    II: If there is order in the nation,

    There will be peace in the world.

    I: Якщо є краса,

    Буде гармонія в домі.

    ІІ: Якщо є гармонія,

    Буде порядок в нації.

    І: Якщо є порядок,

    Буде мир у світі.

    ІІ: Слова, слова…вони в собі всі різні,

    Тривожні й тихі, радісні й сумні,

    Є терпеливі, є жорсткі й грізні,

    Лукаві й чесні, мудрі і смішні.

    І: Не грайся словом. Є святі слова – Мати, Мир, Дружба і Любов!

    ІІ: Dear ladies and gentlemen! We are happy to see our American friends Dianne Wohletz, Barbara Burns and Jim Wohletz at school of Vovchkivtsi.

    I: We are glad that English teachers from district’s schools are present at this school holiday.

    II: We wish you health and happiness, kindness and piece!

    I: A real citizen of the country loves his dear Mother and Motherland/

    II: Blue and yellow field of grain

    Is on the flag of my Ukraine.

    Its emblem speaks to all the entire world

    With Freedom – such a lovely world.

    I: Bread-salt will give to a friendly guest

    Ukrainian people without request.

    They work and sing the song of praise

    To God who’s able from ash to raise.

    II: Ukraine rejoices in the Lord

    Reviving from His mighty world

    Forever lives who’s born again.

    Long live and pray, my land Ukraine!

    I: So, let’s begin our concert. We live in a beauty country Ukraine, that’s why Miss Ukraine takes the first floor.

    (The girls sing a song about Ukraine.)

    Miss Ukraine: Шануймо, люди, Україну

    За теплі хвилі двох морів,

    За її ніжність голубину

    До своїх дочок і синів!

    За звук трембіти у Карпатах,

    За стук весільних пінних чаш,

    Нам Україна, наче мати,

    Широкий Дніпр, мов батько наш.

    Любіть, шануйте Україну

    У свята час, в буденні дні,

    Й вона віддячить необмінно

    За труд душі тобі й мені.

    My land is so beautiful and free

    Ukraine, Ukraine,

    The dearest land a man can see.

    When down the Dnieper I go boating

    I hear a song, and it is flowing

    To those green trees, the land I love.

    My present is a Ukrainian dance.

    II: Looking out of eventful pages of Ukrainian history and casting all others into the shadow, is the figure of Taras Shevchenko – the great Ukrainian poet and painter.

    I: He was a great poet, who became world famous – when our Ukrainian language became known among other nationalities.

    II: Every year Ukrainian pilgrims from all over the world come to visit Taras Shevchenko’s grave in Kaniv. They come to pay their respects to him.

    (The pupils recite “Testament” by T. Shevchenko in Ukrainian, English and German.)

    I: All Ukrainians know the legend how God presented the peoples with gifts and gave Ukraine a song.

    Miss Friendship: Frenchmen have chosen a beauty and elegance,

    German – order and discipline,

    Russians – power, Poles – the ability to trade,

    Italians – talent for music.

    Mr. Law: Having given presents to all,

    God saw a beautiful gift in an embroidered shirt

    And in a guilder – rose wreath:

    • Who are you? Why are you crying?

    Miss Ukraine: I’m Ukraine and I’m crying because my land is suffering

    from blood and fire, slavery and injustice.

    Mr. Law: Why haven’t you come earlier? I’ve already given all talents.

    How can I help you? Well, I’ll give you an immortal treasure –

    Which will make you famous all over the world.

    Miss Ukraine: Thanks a lot, dear Lord. I’ll bring this song and spread it among all


    (The boy sings “Ave Maria”)

    II: Dear friends! Ukraine is famous not only for its songs, but also for hard-working, for cherishing and preserving many customs and traditions.

    I: So, look at Mr. Towel.

    Mr. Towel: I’m an essential part of every day life and ceremonial occasions. I mark the celebration of engagement, marriage, birth and death, Christmas and Easter. In ancient times a house without a towel was compared with a family without children. A towel symbolizes unity, peace in the family, hospitality and respect among people.

    I: Today we’d like to present our American guests with Ukrainian embroidered towels.

    II: We hope they remind you about Ukraine, Vovchkivtsi, Secondary School.

    (A boy sings a song about Towel and the girls give presents to American guests.)

    I: Dear guests! Remember this wonderful moment! Mr. Towel is giving bread on embroidered towel to Miss America.

    Miss America: Thanks a lot, my dear Ukrainian friends! Thanks for hospitality, friendship.

    (The girls sing a song “I love the 4th of July”)

    Miss America: My country is of thee,

    Sweet land of liberty,

    Of thee I sing,

    Land, where my fathers died,

    Land of the pilgrims’ pride!

    From every mountain side

    Let freedom ring.

    II: We’ve told a nice legend about God’s gifts. Ukraine got a wonderful present – an immortal song.

    I: and Americans were presented with diversity, liberty and justice for all. Americans remember their past and guarantee the future for all citizens.

    II: They have a well known symbol – the Statue of Liberty, enlightening the world. It stands in New York Harbor facing the ocean. Since 1886 it has stood as a symbol of freedom, love among the people of America and all over the land.

    (The girls sing a song “America is Beautiful”)

    Miss America: I am a country of great people and great events. We always remember and honor the memory of those people who died for the sake of our prosperity, happiness and liberty.

    Our poet Walt Whitman wrote the poem “O Captain! My captain!” in honor of Abraham Lincoln, the president who brought an end to slavery in Southern States. He guided the country through four difficult years of Civil War. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on April 14, 1865, just a few days after the war ended and the author mourned his death.

    O, captain! My captain! Our beautiful trip is done,

    The ship has weather’d every rack, the prize we sought is won.

    The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exueting.

    While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and daring.

    But o heart! Heart! Heart!

    O the bleeding drops of red, where on the deck my Captain lies,

    Fallen cold and dead.

    I: Everybody prepared himself to meet you at our school.

    II: We enjoy your staying here very much.

    I: With the thank you words the youngest pupils will act a fairy tale.

    (A fairy-tail “Turnip”)

    II: Have you read the telegram?

    I: What telegram?

    II: Mr. Texas is hurrying to our concert.

    I: Oh, it’s great! Applaud him, please.

    Mr. Texas: Hello, everybody! Look at the map! What a state I am! What agricultural riches! Indeed I am a faming Empire! Besides, I am a state of great trading cities! And the reason of oil!

    (The girls dance)

    Mr. Texas: Texas is a leader in petroleum refining. It’s hard to believe that only 160 years ago the southwest region was a wilderness of forests and sandy plain. Today it is bustling beehive of farms and factories, oil plants, railroads, automobile trucks and buses, and city business. Respect and love me!!!

    I: Love…it’s the most beautiful feeling mankind has even known. It feels our hearts and thoughts and deeds. It’s a strong feeling.

    II: Who can forget the very first time you dared to say: “I love you.”

    Miss Love: There’s a wonderful gift of two loving hearts

    May you treasure this gift from above.

    You’ll find if you do all your dreams will come true

    In the wonderful Magic of Love.

    (The girls sing a song about love)

    I: Love…it’s a very complicated feeling.

    II: We must think of our sweethearts, never hurt them, in order, not to regret what we said yesterday.

    Miss Love: I am happy when I am with you

    I’m in sorrow when I’m not,

    And what I’ve done, I’ve done for you.

    Oh, please, don’t break my heart.

    I want to be with you all the time

    Because I love you so.

    And if we parted I would die,

    I’ll never let you go.

    (Pupils Show the extract from the novel by O. Pushkin.)

    Mr. Law: If I were a builder,

    I’d make big bridges,

    Bridges to far away lands

    To Asia, to Africa, South America,

    Bridges to Europe, Germany.

    (A pupil recite a poem in German)

    Miss Friendship: Friendship is a thing for two,

    Three or four, even more.

    Like a song that’s make to sing.

    Friendship is a doing thing.

    I: Miss Friendship, who has come with you?

    Miss Friendship: Oh, let me introduce my dear friends from Italy.

    (Pupils show an Italian story)

    II: Five thousand millions live on Earth

    Why not? There’s room to spare.

    And our views on this or that

    Are different here or there.

    I: But we are all for honest work,

    We live the same blue sky,

    In Denton, Vovchkivtsi and Washington

    So keep our friendship high.

    (The girls dance)

    Miss Ukraine: The children of Denton Ryan High School, we are sending you a picture – bridge of friendship and this poem.

    Mr. Law: The children of Denton with our song we greet you.

    Miss Friendship: Hold out to us your friendly hands

    Our circle to complete.

    Miss America: Around the world we go,

    With happy hearts we’ll try today,

    Each other’s land to know.

    Mr. Texas: And when our time for playing flies,

    And when our children ends.

    Miss Love: May we, then grown ups and wise

    Be good and loyal friends.

    (The girls dance)

    II: We’ll rise our voice together,

    We’ll sing it out so loud.

    I: For everyone to hear

    That’s in the crowd.

    (All the participants sing a song “You are My Friend”)