• II. Translate the following into English.
  • III. Fill in the blanks with prepositions or adverbs where necessary.

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    Test n ( Vocabulary test “home” )

    TEST N 3.

    ( Vocabulary test “HOME” )
    I. Give a word which corresponds to the following definitions:
    1.a contract by which the owner of land or a building, etc allows another person to use it for a specified time, usually in return for payment.

    2.a person who rents land or a building from a landlord.

    3.the holding of land or a house, etc in absolute ownership for life.

    4.a payment made periodically for the use of land or living quarters.

    5. daily meals obtained in return for payment.

    6. a person who owns something as his property.

    7.pieces of furniture forming a set made of the same kind of wood and in the same style?

    8.a small carpet that is put beside the bed.

    9. A small chest in which medicine is kept in the house.

    10. a roofed and floored open space along the side or sides of a house which is much used in summer.

    11. a platform at the top of a flight of stairs on to which doors оpen.

    12.a table on which toilet things stand.

    13.the metal or wooden bar which people grasp when going down a staircase.

    14. a room just below the roof of a house.

    15. a heated building usually of glass for growing vegetables in winter.

    16. a man who has a room for rent.

    17. a house in a row of houses which are all joined together.

    18. a house which stands alone and is not joined to any other.

    19. a gallery in a church, hall or room.

    20. a paved area near a house, used for eating outside, etc.

    21. the lowest part of a building, partly or wholly below ground level; inhabited room(s) in this part.'

    22. a barrier made of wood or metal, put round a field, garden, etc.

    23. A roofed and floored open space along the side(s) of a house, sports pavilion, etc.

    24. a room in which a person works and studies without being disturbed.

    25. an apartment or flat built on the roof of a tall building.

    26. a building with sides and roof of glass, used for growing plants.

    II. Translate the following into English.

    1) квартал жилых домов; 2) ремонтировать квартиру; 3) строительная площадка; 4) витраж; 5) паркетный пол; 6) хлопнуть дверью; 7) лестница; 8) кирпичная стена; 9) снять показания счетчика 10) выключить свет; 11) дом со всеми удобствами; 12) вытереть пыль в комнате; 13) перешагнуть порог; 14) горячее водоснабжение 15) мусоропровод.


    1. На днях я купила шелковые шторы и тюль для спальни.

    2. Окна дома выходят на 2 стороны: на юг и на запад.

    3. Он сказал, что предпочитает спать на диване-кровати.

    4. Кто ведет хозяйство в вашей семье? Помогаете ли вы по дому?

    5. Мы вошли в низкий кабинет, стены которого были окрашены в темно-синий цвет.

    6. Кто давал объявление о найме комнаты?

    7. Вы бы лучше закрыли окна, заперли дверь и легли спать.

    8. Если бы в доме было центральное отопление, мы не съехали бы с квартиры.

    9. Говорят, что для клуба купили гарнитур мягкой мебели красного дерева.

    10. Комната выглядела бы гораздо уютнее, если бы на окне были занавески и какой-нибудь цветок. Я считаю, что жалюзи все-таки больше подходят для офиса, а не для жилой кoмнаты.

    11. Между окон стоял книжный шкаф, набитый книгами, а в противоположном углу - письменный стол, заваленный газетами и журналами.

    III. Fill in the blanks with prepositions or adverbs where necessary.
    1) We have a nice apartment ... the center of St.Petersburg. It is …third floor ... a new building. It is a three-room flat ... a kitchen. There is a refrigerator to keep food cool ... hot weather and a kitchen cupboard ... plates and dishes. 2) Walls... the library were lined ... bookcases, the armchairs were upholstered ... leather, the tables littered ... newspapers and magazines. 3) They opened and we saw a stranger ... the doorway. 4) How many multi-storeyed buildings are there... your street? 5) Peter has got a nice cottage ... the country but…any conveniences. 6) The windows of the bedroom looked ... ... a little garden... the back ...the house. 7) Who dwells ... this cottage? 8) We have a lot ... furniture ... our dining-room. 9) The boy saw a man going… …the house ... the side door. 10) Tell the kids not to forget to wipe their feet…the door-mat. 11) My office is not far ... my home. 12) For hours he would sit ... a chair looking ... ... the window. 13) You may dry your hands ... the towel ... the towel rail. 14) Don't forget to switch…the light before leaving ... home. 15) There is no room ... a TV set…the sofa and the bookcase. We'll put it ... a TV stand ... the right…the window. 16) She said she didn't remember if she had turned ... the gas.

    1. lease; 2. tenant; 3. freehold; 4. rent; 5. board; 6. landlady(lord); 7. suite of furniture; 8. rug; 9. medicine cabinet; 10. veranda; 11. landing; 12. dressing table; 13. handrail; 14. loft; 15. greenhouse; 16. landlord; 17. terraced house; 18. detached house; 19. aisle; 20. patio; 21. basement; 22. fence; 23. veranda; 24. study/den; 25. penthouse; 26. greenhouse


    1.in, on, of, with, in/during, with; 2. in, with, with, with; 3. in; 4. in; 5. in, without; 6. out onto, at, of; 7. in; 8. of, in; 9. out of, through; 10. against/ on; 11. from; 12. on, out of; 13. on, at; 14. off, -; 15.for, between, on(to), to, of; 16. off


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    Test n ( Vocabulary test “home” )

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